Hugo Chavez & The Trump Express: Set For Collision With The Jewish Question

by Eric Striker

In 1998, a career military man rode a coalition of nationalists and socialists to power in Venezuela, propelled by promises to curb neo-liberalism, protect national borders, combating international finance (as seen with Venezuela’s barter trades with Russian, Iran , et al) and empower the working class. As a man of the people , Hugo Chavez surprised the masses by keeping true to his word for the first time in the country’s contemporary history, and began to clean house in respects to the immense corruption fostered by both local and foreign interests, particularly in the oil production sector that makes up 85% of the country’s exports.

By 2002, Chavez’s Bolivarian national revolution had rustled feathers domestically and abroad, and the head Rabbi of Venezuela, Pinchas Brenner, pooled his community’s resources with CIA man Pedro Carmona to depose Chavez in a brazen coup not seen in the America’s since the Cold War. Through bribery and deceit, and with foreign backing, Rabbi Pynchas and plutocrat Carmona put Chavez under arrest, and together declared a suspension of constitutional liberties. El Universal , an influential newspaper owned by the Jew Miguel Angel Capriles’ “Cadena Capriles” (an omnipotent monopoly of magazines and newspapers) dropped its bogus thin veneer about defending “human rights” while  chipping away at Chavez during his first term, and called  the illegal overthrow of a democratically elected leader “A Step Forward”. Globovision, then the mouth piece of the Sephardic Jew Alberto Ravell, also enthusiastically supported the coup, as well subsequent attempts to overthrow the president of Venezuela thereafter.

Eventually, Chavez cried out for the people to protect their political gains, and popular protests overwhelmed the establishment. Many died in street battles, but eventually the coup would not hold, and important elements of the military wound up siding with Chavez and the people against Rabbi Pinchas and a select few bought off Generals.  For the majority of the population who had elected (and later re-elected) Chavez in a landslide, they were astonished at the media’s pivotal role in this drama, as suddenly newspapers and tv channels with superficial political differences all united against the president.

Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian Circles

But one thing about Jews that warrants respect is their absolute determination to test a host’s will to the furthest possible extent. Even after the Chavistas successfully conquered the streets and muscled the coup out of power, they continued to try to use their control over mass communication, the intelligensia, capital and foreign relations to undermine the  government. From David Smolansky using a mysterious bottomless pit of money to organize useful campus morons for violence and riots, to Henrique Capriles Radonski (cousin of the aforementioned Jew paper oligarch) mounting Ted Cruz campaigns with Jeb Bush money, spreading lies about electoral fraud to incite the public. Contrary to popular misconceptions about the Chavez government, while some more traditional Marxist groups indeed supported him, the Social Justice Warrior Left of the country (the ones that put bourgeois causes like gay marriage, “human rights”, etc above worker’s rights and anti-imperialism), embodied by “Popular Will” , supported opponent Capriles-Radonski.

And every time, they failed, as the power of personality and uncompromising leadership cut through the adversarial conspiracy. Eventually, the Chavez government had had enough of the Jews that seemed to be everywhere there was chaos, and began to confront them directly. Pointing to the disproportionate influence of a community of less than 20,000, state press began to rip down the curtain covering the Jews, their NGOs, and their media, and articulate their role as a unique force for instability. By 2006, Chavez began dog whistling about “killers of Christ” , and anti-Jewish literature was made available to the public through state run book stores.  In 2012, Capriles-Rodonski was labeled a Zionist agent during his violent and terroristic presidential campaign, and the public began to perceive the mankind-tormentors aiding anti-Chavez unrest at the Wiesenthal Center and World Jewish Congress as the antagonistic fifth columns they really were.

In the end, Venezuela’s Jews were largely thwarted, and when they can’t control everything, they simply leave to find another country so they can attack you from the outside. Big Jew media moguls, plutocrats, commentators, and “intellectuals” began selling off their publications and leaving for Heeb-havens like Europe, Argentina, and America.  As Jews began resigning from Leftist groups, and NGOs started packing their bags, contradictions between nationalists and honest socialists began to dissipate, and took the natural course any group (right wing or left wing) opposed to globalism and neo-liberalism inevitably takes once Jew ideological gatekeepers are vanquished (racial and national self-defense, IE, “anti-Semitism”).

Left-Wing Graffiti In Caracas Denouncing Jews

Today, the Jewish population in the Bolivarian Republic  has fallen by half, and its influence by much more than that (with those left starting to mind their own business, after the Chavez government started going door to door investigating their illegal activity , similar to what happened in Iran after the 1979 revolution. The death of Hugo Chavez from cancer (where foul play has been alleged) in 2013, along with artificially deflated global oil prices, usury terror and spontaneous military challenges from neighboring US proxy Colombia, may all be doors they’re looking at for re-entry to the petrol superpower, but in spite of this, their weapons of cultural and systematic control  have been ripped from the roots and must be rebuilt from scratch.

Trump Must Confront Jews Directly, or Lose


Whatever Trump Is All About, He Has Single-Handedly Discredited America’s Media and Political System In Front of Millions

Parallels with Donald Trump have been made by some who cite Silvio Berlusconi, Nigel Farage, and Viktor Orban. In truth, these conservative European figures are the last line of defense globalists deploy to stem real revolutionaries like Jobbik, the former BNP, or the fractured but massive Italian nationalist movement. If Plutarch was around today, he would juxtapose a well-rehearsed used car salesman like City of London’s Nigel Farage to Goldman Sachs’ Ted Cruz. Unlike the figures named above, Donald Trump continuously refuses to pair “Judeo” with “Christian” in his discourses.

The real equivalent to Trump is Hugo Chavez: a Caudillo style civic nationalist (organic, not to stave off mounting race rebellion) rooted in the disenfranchised working majority, ready to fight plutocracy, corruption, the immigrant invasion, and globalization. Trump is posited as being on the “Right” side of the aisle while Chavez is on the Left, but really, this is based only on arbitrary nü-Left racial politics (First world Leftism is about undermining whites on every single front, including siding with Wall Street Jews like George Soros against blue collar whites) that frame his advocacy for chronically dismissed and oppressed blue collar whites as somehow being different than Chavez representing the views of his country’s colored majority.  The Trump candidacy shows that most average white people don’t really care or want “free markets”, neo-liberalism, cuckservative “respectability”, perpetual empire building, or Israel.

Trump Rallies Regularly Attract Tens of Thousands and have a Militant Atmosphere

Like Chavez, Trump the New Yorker certainly knows about Jews, though he isn’t really an “anti-Semite”, or against any race really, aside from expecting mutual respect. But mutual respect between individuals and races is bad for Jews, because their interests are to the detriment of majorities, and the Chosen may get hurt when their target kicks and writhes while being exsanguinated.

For this reason, Trump’s approach must change, because Jews of every political persuasion (on the surface) are certainly anti-white, and they see Trump as dangerous because his mouth can’t be filtered by green paper, and so, in their eyes, the obvious blight of Jewish power is in jeopardy.

With Trump winning big on Super Tuesday, Jewish billionaires are, with the exception of one or two WASP capitalists who want to play in the elite ballpit, the main plutocrats trying to steal this election from the American people as they have always done before.  For all their talk of individuality, not even one Jew (to my knowledge) pundit, billionaire, politician, or media mogul has come forward to fully endorse Donald Trump. Yet, the two major PACs  looking to spend tens of millions to defame him in states where he is leading are entirely led and financed by Jews:

Our Principles PAC

Our Principles, chaired by Republican Jewish Coalition member Katie Packer Gage, has been leading the war on Trump for a few months now, although they’ve made sure to keep donor information as quiet as possible for as long as possible. Eventually, it emerged that the fervent Jewish supremacist Ricketts family has been unilaterally funding  this PAC. To grasp the extent of this Zionist tarantula’s complex web, members of this tribe-within-a-tribe are involved in everything from the typical Jewy fields of usury, speculation and professional sports (Ameritrade and the Chicago Cubs), to less typical pursuits, such as buying the Nebraska governorship for dynasty heir Peter Ricketts.  It has been reported that Paul Singer, the “conservative” Jew billionaire who was instrumental in lobbying for gay marriage, has now gotten on board with “Our Principles” second wind to take down Trump.  Meg Whitman, a pretentious old money WASP capitalist (the type that have Roman numerals in their names) that loves abusing H1B visas and outsourcing in her position as Hewlett Packard executive,   has also recently become involved, as the racket that made her rich at the expense of her countrymen comes under threat.

It should be noted that once Trump uncovered who was financing the hit propaganda against him last February, he directly tweeted  the Israel-first Rickett Jews with a threat alluding to revealing dirty secrets the family is hiding. He has certainly shown he’s not scared of them.

Conservative Solutions PAC

Of all the donations to the Rubio Super PAC, which are now diverting their resources towards specifically attacking Trump after their guy showed he couldn’t win anything other than guitarist for the Chuck E Cheese animatronic band,  only three in the million dollar club aren’t Jewish. One of them, an alleged Cuban named Benjamin Leon, has a very common Sephardic name, and inherited all of his money from a health clinic chain (Clinica Asociacion Cubana) his father (who had the same name) founded alongside another “Cuban” named Moises Liber to rip off newly arrived immigrants in 1970’s Miami.   The only other two Rubio Goys are capitalists with anti-white financial interests, such as Kenneth C. Griffin, who is so knee-deep in Jews he actually has Benjamin Bernanke himself on his vampiric hedge fund’s board (Citadel LLC), and David C. Humphrey’s roofing material company TAMKO Building Products, which loves illegal immigration for obvious reasons.

The rest (Paul Singer, Norman Braman, Laura Perlmutter, Cliff Asness, Larry Ellison, et al) are all Jews, who continued to to shovel money into the Rubio lost cause for the sheer intent of undermining Trump. After the woeful exit of Zion’s favorite, they are regrouping and coalescing to find new ways to use their money to bring down Trump.

Danielle S. Allen: No Longer Need to Speculate On What A Rat-Macaque Hybrid Would Look Like

When it comes to the media, well, we all know the story with that. Trying to even scratch the surface of the anti-Trump press is impossible, since every single major publication someone in Trump’s family doesn’t own is attacking him. The most notable pieces are the ones where Jews trip over one another to hatch public conspiracies for the public they assume is listening (they’re not), such as Jewlatto Danielle S. Allen’s suggestion  for Democrats to register Republican and sabotage elections in favor of Rubio, to New York Yale Yid Jeff Greenfield demanding the GOP use the “nuclear option” and destroy its own party.

And then, in the spirit of the Chavez parallel universe that will soon be coming to America’s streets, we have the strong potential for a military coup in the wake of a Trump victory. In a recent interview on “Real Time With Bill Maher” former CIA director Michael Hayden, putting on his best Care Bear act, displayed borderline satirical moral preening in response to the prospect of following a President Trump, as if he has never tortured people in unspeakable ways or overseen the murder of people’s family (see the film Sicario just to get a vague idea as to what kind of stuff is really going on). What was most shocking was his suggestion of a potential CIA or military coup, in between lines that Bill Maher quickly redeemed:

A year ago, the Obama administration planted a certain David S. Cohen as the no. 2 in the CIA,  but other than that, Jews remain underrepresented in the US military. With that said, top ranking military officials that do get into positions of prominence must be approved by Congress, which means they get vetted by individuals who are bought by Jews, largely based on their pro-system, pro-Cultural Marxist political views. The ends will likely be a 2002 Chavez style situation, where certain bribed Generals will go along with a coup, while lower ranking officers and soldiers (most of them who are derived from the real America carrying Trump to the White House) will side with their country.

The use of impressionable and stupid college students under the command of Jews or those on their payroll is of course not unique to Simon Bolivar University. In America, Jewish capitalist billionaires like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and the Anti-Defamation League’s Paul Egerman invest exorbitant amounts of money into prompting student mobilizations for all kinds of intensely unpopular causes, such as gun control, Black Lives Matter, DREAM act and amnesty, ending Stop & Frisk, gay marriage, and so on. It might seem ironic that the entire “radical” Social Justice Warrior Left is directed by NGOs financed by amoral international Jewish capitalists,  but it is nothing new. This has been true in the West since the 1960’s, and of course, before that, the Bolshevik revolution. 

Black Lives Matter has especially been used to disrupt Trump rallies, in an attempt to stage and provoke a reaction for the Jewish amplifiers to blare out. The founder of BLM, a half Jew negro named Alicia Garza from the affluent Bay Area suburb of Marin County, is considered to be the leader of the organization alongside a few other black women who flaunt their homosexuality.

Unfortunately, for the Left-wing student capitalist stooges, whites are now energized, and #WhiteyPushingBack when they push us.  If Trump stays true to his word like Chavez did, and his opponents seek to use their money to illicitly bring down a popular government, you will have the same reaction.

Left and Right are myths made by men. The struggle of the white working and agrarian people is no different than anyone else on this planet looking for a voice and their ethnic, national and economic interests represented. They call me racist, but I support the black and Indian Venezuelans fighting their local Zionist, plutocratic, and globalist power (some of whom are white Latin Americans that have sold their soul to Jews), it’s you Judeo-Leftists who would rather be the barking mastiffs of Jewish billionaires over having solidarity with those of us trying to defend ourselves. All because we have white skin and you want to take what’s ours.

#WhiteyPushingBack baby, white’s are still the majority even if Gawker wants to write our race’s obituary. Hillary will sweep minority votes with her painfully contorted pandering, but this still won’t be enough when we get everyone from 90 year old grandma to our 18 year old son to vote. I won’t endorse Donald Trump completely until I see what he does in office, but what you’re seeing in his campaign is the tip of the iceberg in terms of what white working people are capable of. Multiply this by 1,000 when they begin to see the pattern in the names of donors, journalists, pundits, and other big figures throwing everything they have at the GOP frontrunner.

I hope Trump has the German character to point in the direction  the people must follow. And if he doesn’t, the pandora’s box of white working people mobilization he has tapped into is already enough to give the man credit where it is due.


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  1. Bobo says:

    On Venezuela, the mentioned Capriles Radonski is ATM the leader of the opposition there, and has called for the army to illegally overthrow Chavez successor, Maduro..Peru also just got a jewish-american oligarch as president, btw.


    1. Yep, wrote about the new Jewish banker president of Peru recently. I’m guessing it has something to do with TTIP, which Peru’s mines will be a major factor in allegedly.


  2. MAGNES says:

    ” Plutarch … London’s Nigel Farage to Goldman Sachs’ Ted Cruz ”

    Both wouldn’t make it but Trump / W. Bush
    might make it on the list. W. Bush climax of
    the Neo Con Artists turned back by Trump
    hopefully, leading to European Leadership
    following for a Golden Dawn succeeding.

    Plutarch’s Lives is one of the most important works ever written, promoted by John Adams
    of past to business leaders of present, listened
    to a few different University presentations of this
    work along with reading various versions.

    This is Magnes, playing Dorian Progenitor, a very good student of the Classics at miniumum, and I have a real problem with pretenders making crap up online corrupting Western History and using it to attack the Hellenes like the stinking Kikes Rabbi’s that they are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MAGNES says:

      Good article Eric Striker,
      you know who the corrupt are.
      Read Plutarch’s Lives people.
      University Podcasts online easily found.


  3. Glad you enjoyed it Dale. There’s no way to know for sure about Trump, but whether the changes in our political atmosphere are willful or not, things are definitely changing.


  4. Dale says:

    Nice article, inciteful, hope you are right. Think you are!

    Liked by 1 person

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