Queer Jew’s 20 Year Crusade To Ruin St Patrick’s Day Parade For Normal People Declared Victorious

by Eric Striker

For years now, organizers of the St Patrick’s Day parade in New York City dragged their nails on the pavement as big business, the Manhattan power Zionist political cabal and the media coordinated pressure for the cultural festival’s transformation into St POZtrick Day.

St Paddy’s on Fifth Avenue has for decades now been gradually loosening up its standards. The Catholic Church, which has obviously always been the central organizer of the commemoration of Ireland’s conversion to its religion, has been predictably tepid  in its defense of the Irish-American silent majority. The Ancient Order of Hibernians, an all male Catholic fraternity, is in charge of the parade, and depends on clerical support when decisions are made. Rather than using its clout (supposedly 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide) to counter-boycott Jew co-founded Samuel Adams brewer, the Boston Beer Company (Rhonda Kallman) , and organize the flock against the already hugely unpopular George Soros bought Mayor Bill “Liberal on Everything Except Israel” De Blasio, for leveraging financial and government intimidation on behalf of organized cum-shitters, the clergy made a few weak motions to please their elderly parishioners, then let the sodomites steamroll them.  If only Cardinal Timothy Dolan put half the energy he invests in winning Goy Of The Year into protecting Catholic school parade spectators from obscene public displays by sex-deviants, St Patrick’s day may have been kept as it was meant to be.   

Archbishop Timothy Dolan Receiving Award from Abe Foxman of the ADL

After an indirect and passive condemnation quite typical of Catholic lovable losers (go read the Catholic contingent at the National Review), Dolan made it clear that he was willing to placate the Jew and fag bullies demanding that the Leprechaun expecting a pot o’gold at the end of the rainbow be replaced by a toilet pig crawling on all fours in search of liquid gold.  After a plethora of “LGBT” groups marched yesterday–the condition Mayor De Blasio had for lifting his two year embargo on the event–Dolan embraced the anti-Irish mayor and stated: “There’s a great spirit; the weather helps – a wonderful sense of unity and friendship”.  This was basically a white flag that conservatives always keep in their back pocket. While De Blasio and the queer lobby did nothing but say “In Your Face” while promoting gay exhibitionism at a Catholic event, Archbishop Dolan whistles, then quickly changes the subject to the weather.

Jew Pretending To Be Irish Led Queer War On Parade


Emmaia Gelman (Right):a Jew pretending to be Irish


When reading articles that quote gloating fags celebrating their cultural victory, one woman is especially prominent in this coverage: Emmaia Gelman.

For decades, Gelman’s organization “Irish Queers“, a renamed version of the 1990’s Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization (ILGO) that led assaults on Irish Catholics besides former Mayor David Dinkins, has been the most militant opponent of the St Patrick’s Day parade. In spite of the fact that homosexuals have always been allowed to attend, Gelman has for more than twenty years been at the forefront in shoring up and coordinating capitalist, NGO and government support for forcing the AOH to accept them promoting their political agenda.  While many publications refer to this individual as an “Irish-American”, she is a long-time member of organizations such as  “Jews For Racial and Economic Justice” and speaks candidly about her Judaism on social media. Her profile on the New York University webpage states the following:

“Driven in part by the lessons of Green Jobs/Green NY, Emmaia’s doctoral research investigates racial capitalism and its entrenchment in progressive state projects. Her work also investigates the new territory of racial capitalism forged by Islamophobia and US neocolonialism; and the authorizing discourse of racial injury and remedy with respect to Jewish identity”

In 2014, another breakthrough came for the “Irish Queers”, when the Irish government released a statement condemning barring homosexual activists from pushing their agenda at an ethnic celebration. It should be noted that at the time of this disavowal of the New York Irish, the Irish Ministry of Justice was in the hands of Alan Shatter–a literal Zionist Jew who, despite being the only known Jew in the Irish political establishment– single-handedly succeeded in the legal and propaganda push to legalize homosexual marriage, homosexual adoption and passed a bunch of bogus anti-discrimination laws. He was also instrumental in opening up Ireland’s borders, persecuting Catholics and silencing criticism of Israel in a country that has historically had excellent relations with Palestinians. It’s hard to fathom how one Jew can be the catalyst for all of these ills, but never underestimate their resourcefulness in destroying their unsuspecting racial enemies.

And the same way one Irish Jew was able to radically change Ireland for the worse, one Irish Jew in New York City was able to ruin the St Patrick’s Day parade for everyone by turning it into a fecophile carnival. Eventually the economic and political terrorism spearheaded and organized by the Jew Gelman (who works for the Soros funded “Working Families Center”) browbeat the  AOH and the interfaith dialoguing Catholic Church into submission.



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