Marxist Dating Page Provides Insight Into The World of Nü-Left Depravity

by Eric Striker

The modern history of the sexual revolution can be encapsulated into three periods of Jewish cultural offensives: the period of the late 19th century to 1933 led by German-Jews Magnus Hirschfeld and Sigmund Freud and defeated by Josef Stalin and Adolf Hitler; the period of the 1960’s to the beginning of the 80’s, based on the theories of Wilhelm Reich and married into revisionist Left political consciousness by the Jewish pedophile Daniel Cohn-Bendit, which was eventually starkly set back by the AIDS epidemic; and now, the 21st century push, which is an ongoing development that is as bizarre and fantastical as ever before.

Sexual depravity and the banal pseudo-sciences invented to rationalize it have been a curious plank of the international communist movement, particularly its most Judaic wings (Frankfurt School, the old Guard Bolsheviks, Post-modern Left, etc). For the wealthy Jews, perverts and bourgeois leisure classes that often paradoxically concentrated themselves at the top of the early Bolshevik hierarchies in Europe, the prospect of “redefining genders” and normalizing pederasty was an obscene fist in the face of Western civilization that motivated these outcasts–sometimes to the point of introducing inner-party tension with the Gentile, working class elements who naturally found this behavior disgusting. Basically, the culture-distorters at the helm of early 20th century, 68r, and post-modern Marxist movements were propelled solely by the desire to undermine and destroy the self-restrained white culture-man, not genuine class struggle, and thus revising psychological anomalies as natural became the weapon of choice from turning firmly rooted Russian man into cosmopolitan Esperanto man .

Marxist historian Ralf Dose’s Magnus Hirschfeld: The Origins of the Gay Liberation Movement recounts the close relationship the early Bolsheviks had with the Jewish boy-predator Institute of Sex Research. Hirschfeld, Arthur Kornfeld and the rest of the heavily Judaic Berlin think-tank formulated theories of genital wizardry which they called “Sexology”, and at this institute the concept of a “third sex” (“transgenderism”) was created from scratch (the Jew Harry Benjamin would later extrapolate upon this in the United States).

As soon as the Bolsheviks put down the final remnants of the White Army,  the Jewish cultural programme for Russia immediately began. Laws banning homosexuality were repealed in 1917, and strong correspondence with Hirschfeld began with the Soviet Jew Lev Rozenshtein’s (leader of the Institute of Neuropsychiatric Prophylaxis) visit to the Institute of Sex Research in 1922, and subsequently, the visit of Hirschfeld to Moscow in 1926.

The Nationalsocialist German Students League Prepare To Raid Hirschfeld’s Compound and Burn His pro-Homosexual, pro-Pedophilia, pro-Transexual Books (Circa 1933)

Throughout the 1920’s, sexual perversion was part and parcel of the communist, and Jew controlled Soviet Russia was seen as the nerve center for homo-pedoism and feminism. According to “queer theory” cultural Marxist Elena Mancini’s Magnus Hirschfeld and the Quest for Sexual Freedom, Wilhelm Reich declared that sexual “reform” would only be possible in a communist system at the 1930 Congress of the World League for Sexual Reform.

The social decay of the sexual revolution had almost immediate results. The combination of loose sexual mores and the murder of millions of Russians by Jewish commissars led to millions of children being born out of wedlock and subsequently abandoned in the years between 1918 and 1930. Alan M. Ball’s And Now My Soul is Hardened: Abandoned Children in Soviet Russia speaks in depth about the rampant crime and drug abuse the abandoned children suffered from, and most critically, how boys and girls as young as seven were being preyed upon by newly “liberated”  queers and freaks who reveled in the underworld (Ball, pg 78) .

In 1933, the same year the Nationalsocialist Students League kicked down the door of Magnus Hirschfeld’s den of jackals and burned their books before their eyes, Josef Stalin had had enough of the social instability female promiscuity and homosexual activity had wrought on Soviet society.  Raymond A. Bauer’s The Soviet Citizen: Daily Life in a totalitarian Society engages with the ruthless counter-attack led socially by Maxim Gorky, and politically by Stalin. In conjunction with a new law (Article 121) that recriminalized homosexuality, 18% of the CPSU was purged. This “house cleaning” saw a restoration of normal family values in Soviet propaganda, and punished homosexual and pedophile activity in harsher ways than the old Czarist regime.

Soviet Propaganda Began Promoting The Traditional Family and Masculinity After A Series Of Purges Decimated Soviet Jewry

The Stalinian shift in the world communist movement drew a stake in the heart of cultural Marxists. Stalin had objectively given the sexual revolution a chance, saw it had failed, then revised his bogus dialectical materialist clown science accordingly. The reinsertion of fag, feminist and pedophile activism into the communist bourgeois youth movements in the West by Jews, however, go to show that the theories of Magnus Hirschfeld, Wilhelm Reich and the Frankfurt School were never about human liberation.

The abandoned children, the unleashed child molesters subjecting millions to psychological trauma, the homosexual mental invalids losing themselves in drugs, disease, and suicide,and the bizarre mutilation of the human body by transexuals–this was seen throughout the Soviet Union and Weimar Republic during the 1920’s. The only conclusion we can arrive at with the revival of these politics in the 1960’s and today is that the Jews who invent and peddle this poison are destroying society on purpose.

The Nü-Left Is Bourgeois Cock & Pussy Politics On Steroids

Fast forward to the 21st century, where upper middle class overweight suburban millenials in animal hats are now espousing “intersectional Marxism”, where the upside down Hegelian analysis is applied to those who want to have sex with animals or marry their sister.  This bourgeois banality is subsidized by the major NGOs financed by Wall Street and capitalist Jews like George Soros, Paul Singer (a major GOP donor) , Cliff Asness (another major GOP donor who finances the “LGBT movement”) , and a myriad of others , but these special snowflakes truly think pushing society in the direction the system wants is “revolutionary”.

The name of the dating page is “OkComrade“and the laughs to be had at these morbid assholes suffering from arrested development are endless:

This Lovely Couple Has One Thing In Common. Hint: They Want To Give It To You
Queers and Nu-Leftists, like the Jews they admire, have a peculiar obsession with bodily functions and mocking clergy. In this case, doing both at the same time.


Judaism isn’t a religion, it’s a precursor to madness

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you visit the OKComrade Facebook page, you will see just as many cases like these. An important observation is that these individuals, whether they are gender-benders or “CISgender hetero-privileged males”, are all obsessed with themselves, and expect normal people to qualify themselves to them (“cisgender” is just a word for the 99.9% of the population that doesn’t surgically invert its penis and  get breast implants).

The Jew, and now the nu-Left, pathologizes normal people and nature, while proclaiming themselves the new normal. The question we need to ask is : would these people be able to bully, intimidate and get their way across college campuses and courts in America on their own? Not even one year into the Nationalsocialist revolution, and they were shut down for good. The problem is that we need a Stalin to purge our Jewish academia, finance and culture-engineers , because as long as they are allowed to control the discourse, they will constantly be creating new minorities out of whole cloth to batter and browbeat to continue hair-splitting and dividing our nations and people for their own nefarious agenda.



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