The Multi-Racial Future Is Here: Blacks Stabbing Random Whites On NYC Streets

by Eric Striker

Just two years after Stop-and-Frisk was struck down on the grounds of “racism” by Jewish federal judge Shira A. Scheindlin, New York City’s $3.8 billion dollar militarized police force is struggling to contain a city-wide spate in random racial violence against white people. The ‘majority-minority’ city, hailed around the world as an exceptional example of how racial integration can be “successful” once working class white people are driven out, is being exposed as a South Africa style powderkeg with a rapidly dwindling fuse lit by a combination of mass Zionist media monkey-cage rattling and government pressure on local police forces to give blacks license to rape and murder whites.

The latest outrage was committed by 25 year old Gregory Alfred, who slashed the throat of 53 year old Polish immigrant Janina Popko walking down the street with a kitchen knife in Brooklyn. The socially conscious African-American told police he sought to specifically stab a random white person in revenge for white privilege causing him to get tickets for smoking weed:

“Gregory Alfred, 25, told police he set out to find white people to slice back on Mar. 10 because he blamed them and “the system” for preventing him from freely smoking weed, sources said.”

There has yet to be any talk of hitting Alfred with the punitive-multiplying hate crime statutes on Jew York City’s books, as these never are applied to non-Jewish non-transsexual whites. This individual has twenty assaults on his record, yet is freely walking the streets, and will likely be out in no-time, as Donald Trump is behind the African-Americans emotional trauma that culminates in such violence.

Furthermore, the “scientific” consensus from America’s leading “s✡ci✡l✡gists” is that non-whites cannot be racist against white Gentiles, and thus, hate crime laws are difficult for prosecutors to apply to them as they will be challenged by “expert witnesses” in court.

Amanda Morris, Slashed in the Face Last Month In Brooklyn By A Negro Who Said Nothing and Had No Motive


Never the less, this attack was by no means an isolated incident. So far, there have been 23 “random” knife attacks in NYC in the last few months, the vast majority of them being black people (with a sprinkling of other non-whites, and one white guy) attacking NYC’s outvoted, gun-controlled white minority, and occasionally, an Asian. The M.O. is that negroes quietly approach their victims, sometimes in broad day light, slash their face, then run away without stealing anything. There has hardly been a squeal heard from the main controlled wire services (AP, Reuters, et al) on what is going on in the streets of America’s major industrial zones, even though they make sure everyone on earth gets bombarded like the children of Gaza with wall-to-wall coverage of a Palestinian stabbing a Jew in Israel.

The ruling New York Zionist politico-media cabal has not only taken very tepid steps towards addressing this overt anti-white violence, they won’t even acknowledge the major motive. So far, the system and its spokesman have been psychologically tormenting white victims by referring to these attacks as being caused by “mental illness”, “bored youth”, and in the case of Mayor Bill De Blasio, the triumphant success of gun control.

Attacked on Subway, Once Again, By A Flubber-Lipped Stranger Who Said Nothing and Stole Nothing

Just like with the knockout game, these knife attacks only began garnering traction for calls to action after a Jew got stabbed last November, which is precisely when the New York Post began following this story. Unlike the slashers targeting young white girls and grandmas, the negro who stabbed the Jew in Crown Heights was the only perpetrator in this crime wave to actually be charged with a hate crime!

While Jews can sometimes get caught up in the middle of this violence, they have a number of advantages in keeping themselves safe from blacks that they do not allow whites to have. The Shomrim, or Jewish para-state police, operates openly and freely with the subservience of the NYPD. The Shomrim openly targets minorities who veer into Jewish neighborhoods, and makes them feel very unwelcomed very fast once the sun goes down . If whites of any stripe were to conduct a similar ethnic patrol, pan-Jewry would gather all of the gavels, newspapers and politicians at their disposal to swiftly make an example of those seeking white Gentile coherence and to protect their mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and wives from homo erectus violence.

This crisis of anti-white violence will only get worse after Bill De Blasio has put his “affordable housing plan” into motion. Rather than being a social program benefitting struggling pensioners and working people (like in Europe), affordable housing is in the United States a codeword for forced race-mixing.  The last enclaves of safe and livable white neighborhoods in New York City that do not have a significant Jewish population will be the top targets for integration under this program.

If only blacks were just a little bit smarter and skipped Jews for their knockout game and knife attacks. Then they would actually be able to get away with it, perhaps even get a place as an anti-racism coordinator at the Southern Poverty Law Center.


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  1. bear1563 says:

    We need to turn this same action against the jew. But YT is so hopelessly brainwashed and vested, that there’s no hope of that as a group.
    YT is not tribal. YT will be gone soon. Life in non-white countries will be short, violent and brutish.

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