Zionist Child-Killers Who Destabilized Syria Now Bragging About Sneaking Refugees Into Europe At AIPAC

by Eric Striker

The organization IsraAID, which bills itself as a “humanitarian non-governmental organization”, was given the stage shortly before Donald Trump’s speech in what was obviously a political statement.

In their speech, the Zionist Jews involved bragged about working with human traffickers to transport immigrants across the sea from Turkey to Greece, while at the same time “in Croatia, we helped them along their journey”(5:37) with the support of the local Jewish communities in Europe.

Outside of the well-known hypocrisy of Israelis pretending to be world-healing humanitarians, the venue which the group speaks is very relevant. Forget that the leadership and financers of IsraAID support and live in the closest thing to a modern blood and soil Nazi state (except with a Talmudic, misanthropic twist), while dispossessing, ethnically cleansing, and are currently exterminating indigenous Arab Muslims and Arab Christians so that Jews with no ties to Palestine can take their place in illegal settlements. The group hosting the event that IsraAID was invited as a special guest to is part of the reason Syrians are forced to flee their lands to begin with.

A recent WikiLeaks cable has exposed that AIPAC and other Israeli fifth columns in Washington DC have been the architects behind the United States’ de-stabilization of Syria–which is what is creating all these refugees in the first place. While the Israeli government has been mum on Assad to  a certain extent, its representatives have been pushing for war with Syria behind closed doors.

Additionally, droves of evidence have surfaced showing Israel is overtly and covertly knowingly supporting ISIS and Al-Qaeda militants, ranging from providing them medical treatment  , to allegations that Israel purchases illicit ISIS petroleum, all the way to indirect support through brazen airstrikes against Iranian and Hezbollah forces gathering for attacks on Islamic State strongholds.

It’s unsurprising that a large portion of flooding into Europe are coming from once peaceful, now war-torn nations like Iraq and Syria. At this point it’s common knowledge that Neoconservatives of a peculiar stripe were behind the death and displacement of millions of innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq, and emerging evidence is showing the same cartel is behind the current strife in one of the Middle East’s most developed, stable and secular countries.

There is no reasonable explanation for why AIPAC, an organization with the blood of millions of Arabs and Muslims on its hands, is suddenly so “humanitarian” when it endorses transplanting the entire population of Africa and Asia into Europe other than the Jew is at war with the human race.

World Jewry knows exactly what will happen when you transplant millions of racial aliens, agitated by the death cult variant of Islam allowed to be promoted by Zionist ally Saudi Arabia, into Europe. The Israelis know this, enable it, and then take to social media to mock the victims, as has happened today following the Brussels attack:

Any nationalist group that tells you we must support Israel in some non-existence “clash of civilizations” is a malicious liar you’d be best not to trust.


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