Jews Coordinate Terror Campaign Against North Carolina Over ‘Anti-LGBT Law’

by Eric Striker

There is an astonishing coalition of Jews, underworld sex deviants, and capitalists who have coalesced to bring the hammer down on the economy and reputation of North Carolina. The catalyst? Governor Pat McCrory signed a law that prohibits cross-dressing men from using female bathrooms, changing rooms, and other sex-segregated facilities where women and girls expect a reasonable degree of privacy from men.


If You Don’t Let This 40 Something Year Old Man Shower With Your Daughter After Basketball Practice, You’re a Bigot- NY Times Editorial Board



The law actually attempts to accommodate autogynephiles /trannies. Homosexual drag artists who undergo the stomach churning surgery on their genitals and legally change their gender from male to female are still allowed to use female restrooms. But this was not sufficient for the majority Jewish New York Times editorial board, who released a thuggish and scathing attack on an entire state of people for “pioneering bigotry” :

Officials in Charlotte, N.C., spent more than a year carefully considering and debating an antidiscrimination ordinance that was passed in February to promote the city’s culture of inclusiveness. State lawmakers quashed it on Wednesday by passing an appalling, unconstitutional bill that bars transgender people from using public restrooms that match their gender identity and prohibits cities from passing antidiscrimination ordinances that protect gay and transgender people.

Bizarre as it is, the feigned outrage over 1% of 1% of an even smaller percent (men with male genitalia in tact who pretend to be women in public and insist on sharing changing rooms and bathrooms with women) of the population not being able to use female facilities has been echoed throughout Talmudic mass press according to the same template.  The whole reason why men and women are expected to use segregated bathrooms and changing rooms is the assumption that a whole class of people–men–are more likely to peep on or assault women in such a setting, but the New York Times claims that somehow, a group of people so obsessed with sex they invent a “third gender” and undergo a painful process solely to accommodate their fantasies, can never be predators.

In other words, a father out with his young daughter cannot accompany her into a female restroom because of social assumptions about all men potentially being criminals, but a mentally ill man dressed like a woman, or with a prosthetic pussy, must be allowed in.

Economic Sabotage Follows Media


Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner

Following reports of this story, they started climbing out of sewers, spawning out of windows and jumping down from trees to suffocate the will of the people, similar to the Agent Smith clones piling onto Neo in The Matrix Reloaded.  In place of the iconic suit and sunglasses, however, was a sharp downturned beak and beady, guile-filled eyes.

Adam Silver, the head honcho of the monkey show segment at the breads and circuses, has vowed that the NBA will pull its revenue generating “All-Star Game” (slated for 2017) out of North Carolina unless adult male cross dressing degenerates are allowed to share changing rooms and restrooms with little girls.

Bronx-born eternal plague, Rob Reiner, has blown his trumpet of Jericho to the tingling of attached ear lobes across Tinseltown. Fellow tribesmen at the Motion Picture Association of America have made a statement inferring that not a single Hollywood film or television show will ever be filmed in North Carolina again. North Carolina’s generous incentives have attracted filming to the state, but for Jews, ideology, social degradation and putting Gentiles in danger always comes before the profit motive. Bob Iger’s Disney is also firing on all cylinders, promising that its subsidiary ESPN will no longer include North Carolina as a potential X-Games host out of fear of “discrimination”.

Add to this a mish mash of other Jewish and capitalist (or Judeo-Capitalist) entities united as one to undermine the democratic process: Paypal, Facebook, American Airlines, Netflix, etc.

These same multi-national monopolies are also now threatening the state of Georgia  with boycott if their governor doesn’t veto a new bill that protects the religious rights of individuals who would prefer not to cater homosexual pretend-marriages. For many queers, forcing religious people to serve their “weddings” at gunpoint is an elaborate fetish, and both private money and the government have vowed to protect this exhibitionism.

In the end, the commotion by our elites provoked by this law is case in point that we live in a system made to hurt and destroy us. For all media and capital to go through these lengths so that adult men dressed in their mother’s clothing can be guaranteed to be alone in the bathroom with your daughter is a testament to the urgency we must have in mounting a resistance movement.


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