Superheroes: The Infantilization of Men

by Eric Striker

As Greco-Roman atavism breathed new life into resurrected Italy and recovered Germany, a  Lithuanian Jew comic junky projected his take on masculinity while doodling for his Cleveland, Ohio high school newspaper.  Here in the 1930’s Jerry Siegel crafted a new socio-political archetype for young American men to emulate: Superman.

Superman has perfectly sculpted abs and bulging biceps that are thinly veiled by a baby blue body stocking. In his red underpants, Superman flows through the sky and pushes meteors while hardly breaking a sweat, daring you to question his ability to bend the laws of gravity and common sense like he does steel in his alternative universe. When it comes to the values Superman fights for, his mind is shown to be less developed than his body, with empty platitudes like “Truth! Justice! The American Way!” as the extent of his lexicon, which is quite the chutzpah when juxtaposed with Superman’s Jewy dual loyalties and secret life that thrives in esoteric darkness.

What Superman Looks Like On The Inside

Despite countless horny female admirers, Superman chooses eternal bachelorhood over the capstone of male life: creating a legacy, an heir. The caped crusader, in effeminate fashion, makes no attempt to make sense of his surroundings in the mundane, cosmopolitan world he (we) exists in. He only knows that those who try to wield the will to power (Lex Luther, et al) to achieve a goal, whether good or evil, must be crushed. Superman doesn’t die because he doesn’t live.

In essence, the Superman fantasy and archetype is a defense–even idealization–of apathy and stagnation. Self-aware men of vision are inherently evil , as this is the only kind of the sort portrayed in Superman. The adventurousness, will power, honor, self-sacrifice and virility of authentic masculine virtue (Marcus Aurelius, Moltke the Elder, Ō no Yasumaro) are what Superman–the antagonist to Occidental man–hates. Superman only “Returns”  when there is a need to prevent movement and stifle men who rise above mediocrity.   Remind you of anyone?

These characteristics are interchangeable with all the other Jew invented superheroes: Batman, Spiderman, Captain America. The superhero genre in general is toxic and another cultural instrument of control. Have you ever found yourself latently suspicious of a remarkable man who speaks with vision and conviction, and assume he has evil motives? Think back and you’ll see that Superman and others like him impressed you with this prejudice as a child.

In today’s world, where superhero content has gone from being aimed at preteen boys to unironically”dark, brooding, pathos-laden” films (about a man in a fucking rubber bat costume) geared at adult men, is it any wonder that our generation is retreating more and more into fantasy as we become more and more disenfranchised?  The natural inclination of a man is to have a say in his community, and impose his will on his surroundings when this is not allowed. That is also what separates a Social-Nationalist from a conservative.

Men are an expressive force for social change that moves our race forward. But instead, too many are conflating “alphaness” with their biceps, sports car and the validation they get from others–with true principles replaced by Superman’s cliches. The fascinating part is that the replacement of an authentic warrior code with vanity and social signaling has created history’s loneliest  generation. We are infantilized, Judaized and letting our forefathers down.

Put away the comic books and tune in to your inner voice instead. Real heroes change the world, not surrender to it. You don’t need any super powers, just a goal you’re willing to give it your all for, and if necessary, have your ticket to Valhalla ready to achieve it.



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  1. Final Boss says:

    Another great piece. My take is that there really is no “Superman”, that clown with undies-over-tights is the Jew’s view of himself stomping down the got that dares to rise above. In real life though, the Jew is just Clark Kent; square, awkward, and pure pussy repellant. The ” Superman” that emerges is the result of the conniving, the deceiving, and the hanging up that Jews do in order to maintain their version of “order”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. GoyOrbison says:

    Thanks for writing this. Sportsball and video games are bad enough, but to hear grown men getting excited about childish shit like this is infuriating. I’m truly embarrassed for them.
    By the way, are you still working on the book? I’ve enjoyed your work with GDNY and TradYouth, so I’m definitely looking forward to it. Anyway, keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Books going to be a little bit, getting caught up with some stuff in my life and a few projects I’m working on. Good to hear you’re finding my research useful.


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