10 Commandments Of A Social Nationalist

by Eric Striker

1) We Educate To Liberate


Our thoughts, discourse and spirits are free from the tyrannical filters of modern Jewish social power–private or public. We enthusiastically challenge the system on any medium; be it the campus, the media, or on the street. We assert our right to share our desire to be governed by reason, and the eternal natural truths it yields.

2) Everything For Everyone


 Inequality is a reality, but even the poorest of our folk are part of our continuity. The destiny of our people is a collective endeavor, we expect sacrifice and struggle in solidarity in the interest of others. The result will be that they too will pick up the standard and pass it forward. Land, work, shelter, bread, health and liberty, we promise this to all who will seize the opportunity; we are a movement for true social justice.

3) The West’s Enemies are Your Enemies



Those known to work for your demise have drawn the line. In this case, forgiveness is off the table.

4) We Oppose Hooliganism



Mindless thuggery over football, girls or egos only undermines our struggle, but you have a God-given right to defend your well-being and your rights with your fists when necessary.

5) Beware Of Simplistic Bigotry



We oppose crass bigotry as having a toxic effect on true ideology and revolution. Respect should be given to those who have earned it, including individuals outside of our race. With that said, when at a fork in the road, it is better to scientifically generalize than risk being stung by the scorpion.

6) You Are Only Entitled To Duties


You are promised nothing, except vindication and the self-rewarding sensation brought by doing what is right. Your ego and private agenda must be harnessed in service of your people. Conflict between individual members of the struggle is an inevitable human condition, but always keep in mind that visible contradictions only benefit those who seek your race’s destruction–duly note this and compromise.

7)  Morality, not Moralism


Conduct yourself in a fashion that is exemplary. Don’t be a square, instead actively work to realizing the impossible ideals of manhood we fix our eyes upon as militants. Remember that puritanical moralism can be as toxic as boundless immorality, and often descends into banality and hypocrisy as well.  We are all flawed, but called to upkeep our dignity and be pillars of strength in our ethno-nationalist community.

8) Be Kind To Children, the Disabled, Animals and the Elderly



For this is what makes us human. This is an important building block towards a sound psychological state and the inner-peace necessary to fight as underdogs against the oppressor. These groups are the most vulnerable to exploitation and victimization by our foes, we must rise to defend them–nobody else will.

9) Remember Our Martyrs


We Nationalists of the Occident come from a proud tradition. Millions have given all so that we could exist today, now we are privileged to have inherited their battle standards. In our blood memory, the dying ember of heroism is alive. Integrate their meditations and wisdom into your person, turn the ember into a wild fire that will bring down the walls.

10) Live Dangerously


Conquer your fears and laugh in the face of death. Then, and only then, will you truly know life.

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  1. Final Boss says:

    Great points and great writing. Going to pass this on.

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