2016 White Privilege Conference: Contextualizing Jewish Steered Climate of Anti-White Terror

by Eric Striker

There is great commotion on social media in the wake of the recent “White Privilege Conference” in Philadelphia. The complaint, chiefly, is that the events centered around organizing and agitating “people of color” were actually dominated by “white” people.  While the coordinators are coming up with a number of empty explanations for this, they are only lying to hide the truth: this “White Privilege” non-sense has nothing to do with empowering black and brown people, and everything to do with Jews seeking to maximize and rationalize the current climate of violence and disenfranchisement aimed at white workers and youth.

In the first phase of their plan, Jewry advocated “color blindness” to a whole generation of young idealist college students. Despite the fact that blacks are dozens of times more likely to victimize whites in most crimes, the system urged people to swallow their instinctual inhibitions against their better judgement. This isn’t completely wrong per se, as there are black and other individuals who are indeed decent people that deserve to be treated fairly out there, but the goal here was never to induce greater understanding or harmony between the races. Rather, this social prescription drummed into the heads of Baby Boomers was meant to prepare whites for the forced integration and immigration agenda that has claimed the lives of untold thousands and brought about a demographic crisis. The fact that in the 1960’s whites were the overwhelming majority of America meant that the scope of this project was somewhat limited, and thus, the message of color blindness mostly put into practice only against vulnerable working class communities in the South, Northeast and urban areas of the Midwest, who suddenly were unable to use the public facilities they depend on, like schools, parks or swimming pools, or even walk around in their neighborhoods past sundown, due to minorities making them violent, destitute and uninhabitable.

It’s not a coincidence that while whites were maliciously reared in false conjecture and passivity, the parallel black subcultures devised almost exclusively by Jews (such as gangsta rap) sought to intensify irrational negro violence beyond even its organic trajectory. Biological omissions aside, Conservatives often talk about the “crisis of the black family” and lack of fathers, but hardly ever go into the cultural dynamics of this phenomenon beyond boilerplate about unions and liberals, or chalking up the impact of the anti-social message of Jewish engineered popular culture to a decline in religion or lack of parental supervision. For this reason, the conservative is a penny on the track of the speeding Zionist railroad train: they get bent out of shape, but ultimately are run over by a force they can’t (or won’t) comprehend.

Today, whites are on the cusp of becoming minority, and the Jewish war on the West is entering a new acute stage. Now it is not enough to be color blind and treat blacks as individuals, even when at your own detriment. In the fresh vehement rhetoric, you have “White Privilege”–you’re born guilty and need to be put on trial before colored mobs, with a Jew standing as judge, forming the ethical parameters of justice as they go along.

Today, the homicidal Talmudic vermin are outright calling for non-whites, with the full support of our capitalist and government establishment, to attack, censor, and discriminate against whites, while simultaneously tearing down the monuments of the people who built this land.  The recent announcement by the Jewish Secretary of  Treasury Jack Lew to replace the famous champion of the white rural and working poor, Andrew Jackson, with some media created, historically irrelevant myth such as  Rosa Parks or Harriet Tubman on the $20 dollar bill is not just mere symbolism–but a carefully orchestrated and politically loaded socio-racial attack that should serve as a warning shot for the encroaching zeitgeist being forced through, under the thin veneer of academic discourse, by a criminal network loaded with Jewish ringleaders.

White Privilege: Jews Push Teacher Indoctrination

Randi Weingarten With Hillary Clinton

 The intention of the White Privilege Conference, judging from its program, is two-fold: to indoctrinate young and impressionable (and usually female or low testosterone male) educators in the construct for use in their predominately white classrooms, along with organizing a coalition of young blacks, homosexuals, and other real or fake (transsexuals) minorities in a terroristic front intended to bully, suppress and even physically harm every day white people as a class. The evil genius of this is that with the first group, they transfer methods for gradually opening the natural guard of white children as young as five, while training the latter group to plunge the knife into them.

At $225 dollars a ticket, the 2,500 “educators” and administrators traveling from across the country to attend LollaJewlooza were looking at quite a big financial hit. To mitigate this problem, public school districts footed the bill for them at the expense of white taxpayers, generally due to administrative infiltration and lobbying pressure from organizations like the American Federation of Teachers.

Albert Shanker

The AFT is a teacher’s union founded by New York Jew Albert Shanker, who utilized it to push for a number of anti-white agendas using labor grievances as a mirage for recruitment. The Jew Shanker had little interest in black self-determination or betterment, his main passion was to put white teachers and students in harms way through mandatory integration, while also ensuring Jewish teachers could indoctrinate black students in urban hotspots filled with racial tension. This can be seen in the “European Socialist civil rights activists” fight to suppress the will of the black community in the late 1960’s. During this time, there was a movement by black parents against mandatory integration and “white” (Jewish) teachers, due to the fact that black students were declining in academic performance after the Civil Rights Act. These black parents fought to run their children’s schools themselves independent of Jews, and decided to transfer out the “white” (Jewish) teachers from the predominately black Ocean Hill, New York school district.  According to a New York Times piece on Shankar’s legacy in putting down this movement, the blacks were well-aware they were being used as pawns in a race war by the AFT:

During the days when schools were open, union teachers had to endure angry crowds outside many schools. Inside the Ocean Hill schools, members of the Black Panthers and militant local leaders like Robert (Sonny) Carson, who had been invited in by Mr. McCoy, delivered antiwhite diatribes and threatened the teachers’ families. The atmosphere was also poisoned by anti-Semitism directed at the many Jewish members of the U.F.T. Anti-Semitic catcalls were shouted by protesters and appeared in newspapers put out by the Afro-American Teachers Association. A student’s anti-Semitic poem was read on the radio.

It’s tempting to fume at the simple negro and his many faults, but one thing nationalists should keep in mind is that whenever they seek to go their own way (which is good whites), Jews strike them down (Stokely Carmichael, Marcus Garvey, Louis Farrakhan) with the exact same pulverizing force they use on white dissent, for the integration agenda is not about civil rights, it is about creating racial chaos and incoherence in order to protect and distract from Jewish political power.

Randi Weingarten

Fast-forward half a century later, and the AFT is today controlled by rug-munching sheeny Randi Weingarten, who has been named one of the most powerful women (not just in education, but in general!) in all of New York (not an easy feat).  This Jewish thug is an active member of a congregation and considers herself well-versed in Talmudism.

Chutzpah not withstanding, said racist Zionist Jew pro Israel propagandist–who has at one time or another been president or leader of virtually all Education related national unions and lobbies– is one of the leading voices for encouraging and facilitating young white 20 something female teachers across America to be brainwashed  in “White Privilege Theory”. At a St Louis AFT conference, Weingarten stated:

“Those of us that are white [sic] , we have to internalize and understand our own racism. Not just your own privilege, but our own racism and our own biases.”

According to the same article that covered this conference, Weingarten’s subhuman neanderthal face does not betray her personality. Weingarten’s anti-white, violent Zionist diatribes have an impact on the young idealist women forced to attend–the exact impact as is intended:

“Some of the teachers come out of the workshops sobbing. It’s classic brainwashing. As we’ve seen in St. Paul and Baltimore and Portland and Los Angeles and Philly and other school districts, PEG’s race-based programs are backfiring.”

White Privilege Conference: April 15-17

white privilege
L: Eddie Moore Jr , R: Dena Samuels

The White Privilege Conference has been going strong for 17 years now, and is an event started and hosted by a non-governmental organization called “The Privilege Institute” which is chaired by a certain “Dr” Dena Samuels, but publicly represented by a negro hustler, Eddie Moore Jr.

Dena Samuels is by no means a nominal Jew. According to her profile she studied at Brandeis University, where one out of every two students is a Jew, and has been the faculty advisor for the anti-Palestinian and anti-white Hillel Jewish organization at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.

Of course, since the times of the classical Cynic movement, there has always been a minority of intellectuals and thinkers who renounce the Westphalian State and choose to identify themselves with the gooey feel-good cosmopolitan platitude of being a “citizen of humanity.  Such individuals may truly seek to escape identity of nation, race, etc in the name of creating universal moral maxims.

But this does not apply to obviously tribalistic Jews like Samuels, or the myriad of other Jews generating unwarranted hatred and resentment against specifically non-Jewish whites.

Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack of Jewish Malevolence: The Anti-Semitic Statistics


Here is a list (page 7) of the names of speakers at the White Privilege Conference–accused of being “too white” by colored attendants–with words denoting those who are of Jewish stock. Note that most of these Jews and Cultural Marxists have corresponding NGOs and “consulting” firms that, just like the Privilege Institute Inc, are financed by grants given by large global capitalists, local governments and typical  Jewish (generally used to finance anti-white racism, abstract “art”, promote sexual deviants, etc) misanthropy-philanthropies :

Eddie Moore- Negro
Jacob Swindell Sakoor- Negro
Paul C. GorskiJew
Kathy Obear – Lesbian
Beth Applegate- Jewish lesbian (and a member of Randi Weingarten’s congregation, it’s a small world after all)
Jennifer Chandler- White Liberal
Debby Irving – Wealthy New England WASP
Susan Naimark – Jew
Dara Silverman– Jew
Pippi Kissler – Hardline Zionist Jew
Heather Hackman- Almost certainly Jewish, her organization claims to fight alleged oppression against Jews
Dena Samuels – Jew
Jamie Washington- Negro
Jondou Chase Chen- Asian
Gail Cruise-Roberson- Too little info, but most likely white liberal
Tanya O. Williams – Negro
Jasiri X- Negro
Natania Kremer – Zionist Jew
Daniel Escalante- Mexican
Stephanie Baran- Purple Haired Jew
Ali Michael – Jew, and married to Talmud “scholar” and Rabbi, Michael Ramberg
Shemariah Arki – Negro
Amer Ahmed- Arab
Darlene Flynn – White Liberal
Johanna Eager- White Liberal
Jada Monica Drew- Negro
Wade Colwell-Sandoval – Likely Puerto Rican/mixed race
Jesse Phillips-Fein- Jew
Jazelyn Montanez- Likely Puerto Rican/Mixed Race
Anna Von Essen – White Liberal
Khalid Smith- Negro
Caroline Hann- Unknown, but possily Jewish according to personal information.
Jon Greenberg- Jew
Howard C. Stevenson- Negro
Lindsay Schubiner – Jew
Chuck Modiano – White
Sam Offer- Negro
Erin McNeill – White Leftist
Karen Gaffney- White Professional Activist
Jonathan Zur – Jew
Kara Dansky- Jew
Rabbi Alissa Wise – Jew
Jamie Utt- White Leftist
Shelly Tochluk-Gottfred- Likely Jew, but not certain.
Abraham Rodriquez-Hernandez- Mexican
J.R. Reynolds- Mulatto
Alice Ragland- Negro
Tanynya Hekymara- Mulatto
Nina Sethi- Indian
Tiffany Taylor Smith- Negro
Morghan Williams – Negro
Tim McGettigan- White
Reagan Price- Negro
Laura Shmishkiss- Jew
Christine Saxman- White Liberal
Shelley Krause- Likely Jew, but not certain.
Chris Haigh- Fag
Vernon Wall – Negro
Jim Loewen- Likely White Liberal, but possibly Jewish
Aisha Fukushima- Negro
LaTierra Piphus- Negro
Yusef Salaam- Negro
Paul Kivel – Jew

Before we sink our teeth into these statistics, let us preface it with context. First of all, the number of Jews named, 18 in total if we exclude “likely” Jews, is an understatement stemming from the need to be very conservative in these matters. Some of those I have categorized as white liberals, like Jim Loewen or Christine Saxman, have names that are seen in certain German-Jewish communities (E.G., Loewen has been used as a Germanized variant of Levine), and could very well be of partial Jewish ancestry. In another case, Anna Von Essen, I found she had Jewish ancestors from the 19th century, but used the Nuremberg and Israeli blood citizenship law to qualify Jewishness. Another factor that could lead to underestimation is that some of the individuals who appear to be mixed race, like Tanynya Hekymara, have a strongly (but diluted)  Jewish appearance and could very well be cases like Alice Garza–the founder of Black Lives Matter–who is in fact half Jewish .

So while we know for certain Jews composed at least close to 30% of the speakers (18 of 63), the real number could be as high as 50%, despite being just 1.4-2.6% of the American population!

Other insights from this data shatter conservative myths that the “White Privilege” movement is composed of “suicidal” Gentile liberals. In fact, white Gentiles are grossly underrepresented as speakers and “consultants” at this conference, as only 13 of 63 (20%) are white (yet 63% of the general US population)–and of these, the majority are business oriented females or homosexual activists.  

Now, in respects to the negro population, I separated the mulattoes from the bonafide negroes in categorization , due to the difference in psychology and motive. Full negroes are overrepresented (not as much as Jews, but compose the same percentage of speakers, 30%), but when one considers that this event is supposedly oriented around colored people, it could be argued that they are underrepresented. For the negroes, the main motive for attending these conferences is that it is a cash cow to milk. The above negroes  were entertainers, “Social Justice” and “Diversity” consultants, and other charlatans looking to make money from doing nothing. In and of themselves, negroes disseminating white privilege propaganda for a living would be left shaking a coffee cup were it not for Jewish networks, grants, and media promotion these negroes depend on.   For example, the black Howard C. Stevenson writes in his book a note of gratitude to the Jewish board of Family and Children’s Services for hookin’ a nigga up and getting his career as a race hustler off the ground. Because of constraints in time and resources, I cannot tumble down the rabbit hole of exposing every single negroes Jewish patrons and connections, but take my words at face value: all of them without exception have and depend on these.

While the full negroes involved in these charades are motivated by money and access to white women, mulattoes are another category. Often times, mixed race individuals hold resentment for their condition and lack of identity, “The Tragic Mulatto”. The complex psychology and rootlessness of these poor souls is exploited and manipulated by Jewish bigots on college campuses and other public venues across America, which is my theory for one of the reasons Jews promote miscegenation, specifically between African men and unattractive white women (out of all the possible combinations), so fervently.

With all that said, Jews are the inappropriate and consistent variable at the “Anti-Racist”/anti-white (often violent) circus spectacle. Even if they were just five percent, the fact that they all are familiar with one another and attend the same Synagogues (as in the case of AFT leader Randi Weingarten and Beth Applegate) opens up the possibility of off-the-record political plots that the other ethnic groups at the conference usually do not have.

Paul Kivel

Another conservative argument blown out of the water is that these Jews identify as white and hate themselves. Conservative media that covered the White Privilege Conference, shows otherwise. The Daily Caller covered one of the lecturers, Paul Kivel, whose entire talk to the colored and leftist audience sought to frame specifically white Christians (codeword for all light skinned non-Jews) as the cause of all racism and prejudice,  and as the ruling class controlling policy in America. Kivel, with an atomic Chutzpah explosion that would break the Richter Scale, stated the following:

In the United States, there’s seven to ten thousand predominately white, Christian men, who run the major institutions of our society: The corporations, the political parties, the think tanks, the foundations, universities and cultural institutions.

This claim is so outrageous and stupid that it is not even worth going into (for example, close to 50% of America’s billionaires are Jews), but the bizarro-Henry Ford International Jew (except untrue) -type of language geared at channeling agitated blacks against white Gentiles specifically proves intent to deceive, along with the targeting of every day white people.  The Jew Kivel, in his “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish” explains how his ethnic identity plays into his biological urge to terrorize, defame and oppress the men and women who created Western civilization:

When I say “I’m not white,” most white people, i.e. most white Christians, would agree with me. When white Christians say “white” they don’t mean me, they mean white Christians. All Jews are non-white by this definition and we have the scars to prove it. White Christians have considered us outsiders, outcasts, contaminating factors (alongside the Rome, the mentally challenged, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and all people of color), and this has been as true of lay people as of those in power. We have been considered a threat to Christians because we rejected Jesus as the son of God, because we were falsely accused of killing him, and we are still considered to be an obstacle to Jesus’ second coming. Part of my “I’m not white” response is recognition that I can even say I am white and I still won’t be accepted by or any safer from oppression from mainstream white Christian culture.

The fact that many of the Jews who are speakers are openly involved in “Jewish Life” (tribalistic endeavors in support of Israel, Jewish racial coherence programs, etc) is ipso facto  proof of pre-meditated, racially motivated malice, rather than the laughable thesis that  Jews are mere “misguided idealists” (whose love of “human rights” don’t seem to go anywhere in the most racist, and one of the most barbaric states on earth–Israel–the only country they call their own).

There are plenty other cases of this kind of material at the White Privilege Conference, like”workshops” dealing with the “Black-Jewish Alliance”, IE, breaking down acquired negro mistrust of an ethnic group that personally exploits and suppresses their will them (as in the Shanker case) in America’s urban centers.

When Theory Becomes Practice: Anti-White Violence At Mizzou versus Zionist Censorship At Ohio State

Melissa Click: Jewish Ringleader of Mizzou Negro Anti-White Movement

Conservative media and certain elements of the “alt-right” blame the feather ruffling by passive aggressive finger snapping mongrels and beta-males at a number of colleges across the country on helicopter parenting and snow flake syndrome. There is some truth to this, as the character of the “Nu-Left” microaggression movement is bourgeois to the power of 10–as “Critical Theorists” have always been. But this is by no means the whole story. Money and pressure from outside sources is the reason why faculty administrators appear powerless as uppity blacks and their Jew ringleaders appear to have their hands tied…but not always.


The “Social Justice Warrior” assertion does not explain why these student groups, which represent only a small minority of young people and an even smaller fraction of the population in general, are allowed to use thuggish Alinsky tactics without hardly any repercussions. Some student movements succeed, even when they have no demands (“ConcernedStudent1950”), commit criminal acts, or lack tangible complaints other than to ban and fire white people for no reason other than their skin color, while other groups, which are grassroots organized and have coherent demands, are quickly crushed by administrators without a peep from the Judenpress, the ACLU, or “human rights” groups.

Take for example, the recent sit-in by Leftists at Ohio State University. The students sought to apply the rules Jews teach them for whites to the state of Israel, the only state on Earth that officially prohibits interracial marriage, purposely targets civilians, summarily executes Palestinians at crime scenes, lynches and sterilizes blacks, and is so extreme that it requires DNA tests affirming Jewishness to attain citizenship. These peaceful Ohio State demonstrators called for their University to boycott and divest from Israel until it stops murdering and occupying Palestinians. The response from University President Michael V. Drake was to quickly silence, threaten to expel and arrest them before the movement got bigger. When Leftists start to think for themselves, or there is a dearth of Jewish organizers, they often target Israel as this is the one state on earth most anathema  to concepts of human rights and cosmopolitanism. For this reason, Jews who are pushing for blacks to chase whites down with machetes in academic institutions across the country are in dualistic hurry to forbid criticism of Israel in Draconian campus speech codes–while students scratch their heads as to why generally friendly resources like the press and Al Sharpton aren’t coming to their aid.

In contrast to this rapid destruction of a “safe space”, Mizzou University has released internal emails detailing the chaotic and racist climate created by the “White Privilege” fueled “Concerned Student 1950” aimless negro insurrection movement, led by the Jew Melissa Click, famous for her video calling on negroes to “muscle” a bystander. Charles-F.-Tweet-Missouri

According to emails, Mizzou Jew Click’s movement was encouraging violence against white working class university security–who are generally underpaid simple folks just trying to keep kids (of all races) safe– under the pretext that white people–through their privilege–are irredeemable and thus must be “punished”.

One email, from a concerned mother whose husband was a university police sergeant and daughter attended Mizzou, read as follows:

“My fear is that things are going to get out of hand and something very band is going to happen. My husband is a Sgt. For the University Police and he is having to be in the middle of this mess and having someone like Melissa Click do everything in her power to incite a riot will make things go from bad to worse. I normally take walks around the campus a couple of times a day but currently am afraid to do so because I am white.  My daughter goes to school at Mizzou, has some night classes, and she is now afraid to walk around campus and go to class because she is white”

The Jewish discourse and coordination facilitating the Mizzou movement had real world violent ramifications for white students. During this turmoil, there was a huge spike in random aggravated assaults against white students by niggers on the campus’ edges.  Unlike the Ohio State toadies crushing anti-Israel protest, the Mizzou honchos decided to lie about the assaults even as word got around and applications collapsed this year, while hospitalized white students victimized by Kike vermin instigated hate crimes were too afraid to come forward.

And this pain and suffering, as well as political censorship, of white youth, elderly, workers, and others is the ultimate goal of the Jewish “White Privilege” conspiracy. I dare you to find another rational explanation after encountering the only pattern. As the parasite becomes emboldened simultaneous to the hosts weakening body, the violence to disenfranchise and victimize innocent lives…lest we find a political solution  to this problem.


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