Radio Show With Matthew Heimbach and I

I was interviewed by Matthew Heimbach about my role as editor of the Traditionalist Workers Party new newspaper and the featured article I wrote exposing the Jewish gangsters behind America’s opiate crisis.

Radio Interview


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  1. says:

    You are in good company, if you like Dr Duke,
    they went after him and used DS as a platform,
    Andrew banned them but Sven is still around
    completely parrotting Finck, rope was extended
    and they sound more and more ridiculous, they
    are trolls, training other trolls, openly
    Pro Maccabees = Jews , it is quite comical that
    Sven can get away with this, you can even have
    some fun with this, as they attacked Dr Duke
    and threatened physical violence on him, they attacked you, they are getting rid of the stronger
    knowledgeable voices, I even defended them
    early on, but took issue with what Sven was doing
    countering what he was covering, they deliberately
    lie they don’t care for the truth, then they insult
    constantly like trolls, DS Andrew allows this as he
    host XA articles, I am done arguing with trolls,
    CI are all dirtbags and liars, it is a ” religion ” ,
    “don’t insult them” , as they corrupt Western History, make real Christians look like loons,
    they are not Christians, they are loons. They hate
    Dukes take on Christianity to the point of threatening violence, this is how they win arguments, Sven did something similar to you,
    and you outed him like no other, don’t know
    if you saw me taking him on before Disquis
    and questioning what he is doing, he is the leader
    of the dirtbag trolls on DS and Andrew allows this.
    Remove these comments if you want my purpose
    is to communicate with you. There is more and I
    saved the exchange on my computer and I suggest
    you do too, save page as using firefox, people need to see it. After getting Finck booted off of
    DS, Sven is still around and now he is promoting
    Covington, this reeks, I see a pattern here, not
    good, no reason for Andrew to have anything to
    do with these loons going way back, he has a lot
    of young readers that don’t know their dirt bag


    1. Sven dislikes me heavily and the feeling is mutual. I don’t have anything personal against him and would rather keep my nose out of drama, though I agree wholeheartedly that CI and British Israelism is retarded.

      With that said Sven puts in a lot of hard work on the DS which is why he is where he is. We are currently working on engineering a new radio show that will link directly and be hosted on the Trad Worker page, I will be one of the hosts with Heimbach.


  2. MAGNES says:

    Why bother with Sven celebrating Hanukha,
    I saw his comments attacking everyone and
    admitting to this, why are you on his platform
    and why is Heimbach ? Sven makes me sick,
    constantly insulting and attacking, look at who he
    is allied with, CI tards, Covington, hosts pakis
    on his show as he attacks Europeans. This person Sven is not legit.

    You , Heimbach, need to do your own thing,
    you don’t need them, they need you.

    Sven comes out against Antiochus Epiphanes .



    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t agree with Sven for the reasons you have stated, he strongly dislikes me as well. Me appearing on Heimbach’s show is definitely not an endorsement of Sven. When it comes to the DT being on there you have to ask Matthew on the reasoning, I don’t have a comment.


      1. says:

        You can remove these comments ES,
        I just wanted to communicate with you,
        used this as a platform.


      2. MAGNES says:

        I don’t know Angelo Gage, don’t know his history,
        I stick to the news and do my own research and
        reading, don’t follow people, a lot of people seem
        to have issues with him, but, just watching this,
        bringing it to your attention, he isn’t saying anything
        many have said everywhere and he takes issue
        with CI tards rightfully so, WN forums are troll magnets, he must know this, he is responding
        to them it seems including their dumb followers
        who get sucked in. At the very end he posts a
        dna test of some kind, it is not that specific to
        one marker, the North African marker at 3 % is funny, notice how the Jews market this, they run
        these companies, most likely it is the Hitler E gene,
        LOL, there is nothing “african” about it, doing my own research on this going back, the epicenter of
        the Hitler E gene is modern day geographical
        Albania, and it dates back to 18,000 BC, it is one
        of the oldest European genes and it is the Greeks
        that spread the gene throughout the MED 3,000-8,000 BC, along with very specific J1 and J2
        Greek genes, the Greeks owned the Med, this info
        is easily searched and understood but people ignore it and attack. I am not going anywhere
        just don’t have time for these idiots, I am not sure
        you know my history on DS, I think I know yours,
        we are brothers, you have a history of doing your
        own thing in radio and getting views promoted on
        all sites going back years, I want to see more.
        CI tards are now my lifelong enemies forever,
        for years I was very accepting of them, including
        defending them on DS, they made a fool out of me,
        gave them lots of benefit of the doubt, they lie,
        it is a put on, a scam, they lower the bar bringing
        you down to their level, they win arguments by threats and name calling. Andrew even wanted me
        to do stories and writing for him and stated so
        numerous times but I am not a writer, he is doing
        good work, takes a lot of heat for smaller issues.
        He has numerous anti CI articles and posts, including stating ” I don’t care about that shit” .
        Sven does work for him, LOL, someone pays him
        full time to do what he does, I strongly believe that, especially after seeing his associates.

        One point Gage mentions, I’ll give details, average Roman was about 5’4″ and average Gaul was about 5’8″, Germans come much later, Germans
        gave us the Dark Ages at Rome the Capital,
        Romans did not move into German lands,
        the Germans moved into Roman/Keltic lands,
        they were somewhat incorporated into Roman
        military and society and they did not take Rome
        with a fight, they just walked in, in general this is
        true, the Romans had allegiance to their own armies and generals and fought each other to
        oblivian, the Germans took over Rome did not
        know what to do with it, hence the Dark Ages.

        The above is not my account or opinion.
        This is from real historians. Not Kemp or Finck
        or other imbeciles. Christians did not destroy
        Rome, blacks did not destroy Rome, Arabs
        did not destroy Rome, Romans destroyed
        themselves, and the Germans just walked in
        and didn’t know what do to with it.


      3. The idea that Rome and Greece collapsed because of race-mixing is big with Americans who think the whole world looked like the Antebellum South at one point, and think they need to use Afrocentrist strategies to obfuscate the fact that at one point in history Germanic people had an inferior civilization. There is no need for this, as Germanic people have a genuine great history of their own (Vikings, Goths, etc), which is sadly overshadowed by Americans with inferiority complexes trying to make shit up like the Incas and Chinese were actually Nordic all along (if you actually know anything about Chinese culture you’ll see just how vastly different it is and always has been from the West).

        There has never been a mass population transfer of Arabs or negroes into Europe until very recently, not even in Moorish times (who were largely Berbers like Zidane, not…Pakistanis). Most of the slaves in Rome were native Italians or Greeks according to modern skeleton evidence, with an important Celtic and Germanic minority that ironically meant Romans became blonder after mixing with their slaves.

        If Greece, Spain, Portugal, Rome, etc rose and fell because of race-mixing (and then rose and fell again…because of race mixing again), why not Britain and Holland? Suddenly the race-mixing=falling empire rule doesn’t apply anymore, despite neither stipulating outright bans on miscegenation. Especially in the case of the Dutch, where a remarkable number of white Dutch have been found to have recent Malay ancestry, not that I think it’s that big of a deal (Robin Van Persie is white to me as well as under the Nuremberg Laws).

        If people want to take the Nationalsocialist or racialist perspective and make it ideologically and intellectually competitive, they have to learn to separate their desire to personally raise their own self-esteem from objective science. If Sicilians are miscegenated with Arabs, and Greeks with Turko-Mongolians, why do they look alike (both were Greek city-states in ancient times) when the foreign input is radically different? Arthur Kemp posts a picture of a Welshman who looks indistinguishable from the average 20 something Sicilian man as a “true white Mediterranean”. Why? Well, because he’s British and it conforms to his ideology. Kemp too, despite being as or more dark and oily like the people he claims are Arabs, is also a “true white Mediterranean”. Because he says so.

        I usually find these debates to be largely uninteresting and stupid in the end. Most serious nationalists don’t get hung up on it, especially not in Europe (North or South, East and West). Unfortunately, so far in the United States, radical racial nationalism has often paralleled black nationalism. You would think whites would be smarter than to try to use negro We Waz Kangz tactics or asserting infallible and perpetual superiority , but unfortunately, until very recently, White Nationalism in America with some exceptions has attracted the nigger-tier bottom 5% of our race. People like Kemp don’t write good scholarship, they write what they think their audience wants to hear.


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