Sneak Peak–Pain From Profit: Who’s Behind America’s Opiate Epidemic

Newspaper where you can catch my investigative piece, Action! (organ of the Traditionalist Workers Party), I am finished editing and will go to print soon.  It is coming out in approximately a week and a half. This is a sneak peak of about two pages from the 10 page behemoth of an article. I will post the full thing on my site at a later date as the information is vital in our cultural and racial struggle.

Hope this gets your Counter-Semitic appendages engorged with  blood!


Elements of the US government foresaw the ticking time bomb represented by the new “infomercial” marketing synthesis being used to expand the use of drugs beyond necessity. In 1962, Arthur was called before the Senate by populist defender of the people (as he was known) Estes Kefauver,an entrenched Democrat from Tennessee. Kefauver grilled Sackler in respects to one of his public relations firms, “Medical and Science Communications Associates”, that mailed “studies” and “news bulletins” which were, in effect, just dishonest advertisements for his very own Purdue Pharma, as well as other drug companies hiring Sackler as their marketer.

Sackler was able to weasel out of any problems by bending the law to the most possible extent without breaking it. Arthur told the Senate that there was no conspiracy to use bogus science and pre-packaged news to push his drugs for inappropriate ends. Sackler swore in his testimony that he never once held stock in Medical and Science Communications, nor was he ever personally involved with the company.

Technically, Arthur told the truth. Corporate documents provided to the Senate showed he was not a stakeholder. So who was? His wife, Else Sackler, was the company’s officer and sole shareholder. Arthur gamed the stupid Goy, and Senator Kefauver could do nothing but watch.

By the 1970’s, Mommy’s Little Helper became the scourge of society and a symbol of decay, as everyone initially predicted prior to the forked tongue, multi-million dollar persuasion campaign. An illicit street trade developed on the side and idyllic, sprite, responsible housewives were reduced to hopeless fiends and zombies drifting away from their families. The Sacklers succeeded in creating the world’s first $100 million dollar drug, which later became the first billion dollar drug. Parallel to this “accomplishment”, for which Arthur Sackler’s portrait hangs in “The Medical Advertisement Hall of Fame”, was an increase in the suicide rate and a spike in benzo-related overdoses. Even in 2016, despite freeing us of his physical presence in 1987, Arthur’s hooked nose silhouette bounces off our walls immemorial, with one in 20 Americans addicted to Benzodiazepines and a four fold increase in fatal overdoses since 1996.

They don’t just politically profit from the spiritual and human emptiness created by the current material order, Jews also mastered the art of the “cure”. After the bonanza triggered by Valium, the pharmaceutical industry would never be the same, and the toxic philosophy that meticulously pacified and needlessly brought anguish to so many millions would come to define our corrupt health system.

Purdue Pharma’s OxyContin: “Hillbilly Heroin”

Raymond Sackler learned quite a bit from his audacious brother Arthur, and cultivated a war chest capable of buying heavy duty weapons. The Sacklers became a household name that was at the top of the list of consultants for big pharmaceutical ventures like Pfizer–capitalists enticed by the bottomless pit of money brought by convincing people they had illnesses they didn’t have.

When Arthur passed away in 1987, Raymond and his son Richard picked up the Purdue Pharma standard and sought to utilize the immense fortune amassed for a new, even more brazen offensive in drug pushing. Arthur’s market studies in the 1980’s yielded data on the incredible money-making potential of synthetic opiates for pain, but it is safe to assume that the previous decade’s prevalence of the heroin epidemic that ravaged much of the Western world played a part as well. The humanity-haters (particularly White humanity) would not let this opportunity go to waste.

Synthesized in World War I  Germany, Oxycodone (the active ingredient in OxyContin) was created in an effort to create an opiate that would not lead to addiction. The big expectations were quickly dampened when the medical community at the time concluded that that the chemical structure of the drug was only a few molecules away from bona fide heroin–first produced in Britain in 1874–and that addiction was not only possible but a foregone conclusion. While the Jew-ridden Bayer company behind Oxycodone sought to obfuscate this dilemma, the Harrison Narcotics Act and the American ban on the importation and manufacturing of heroin were taken as self-evident market barriers to its pill-form cousin.

Prior to Hitler, Jewish pseudo-scientists were largely contained to Central Europe, where a tug of war between Gentile hostility and legislation towards Jewish machinations meant mixed results for the latter. It was not until after the second World War, with the massive migration of Jewish “professionals” and “intellectuals” to the United States, that passive Anglo-Saxon market liberalism was taken as license for unmitigated Jewing. By the 1990’s, Jews were placed in virtually all strategic areas of the public government and private capitalist spheres. The non-Jews still around were largely stooges and bought agents.

Almost a century later, Oxycodone would thus find its breakthrough. Until 1995-96, Oxycodone was reserved as a last resort for those suffering from extreme, terminal cancer, but seeing the market limitations, the Sackler Jews’ Purdue Pharma submitted a patent to the Food and Drug Administration for a new iteration of the drug: OxyContin.

A team of doctors led by Curtis Wright took on the task of the FDA’s clinical study. The Sackler/Purdue insistence was that the heroin-esque effects that were known to make Oxycodone extremely addictive were completely obliterated by a “revolutionary” new technique to add a thin film over the pill in order to have its effects spread out over a 12 hour period. This was merely a technicality, as studies from Purdue’s in-house lab, such as a 1989 trial in Puerto Rico, clearly showed the effects of the opiate, while longer than full-blown heroin, did not disseminate over a 12 hour period. The long-known science of opiods shows that the drugs flood Serotonin receptors and thus cause addiction and heroin-style withdrawals–OxyContin was no different. For those who have experimented with recreational drugs, the euphoria and ‘high’ of OxyContin is indeed exactly the same as the one felt with heroin.

Never the less, the FDA cherry-picked studies and ran with the lie, and approved OxyContin as an “addiction proof” marvel of modern science in 1996. Dr Wright, the federal employee who signed the permission to release OxyContin into the market under false pretenses, resigned from the FDA immediately after approval in order to begin working a cushy new job at Purdue Pharma!

Like his brother Arthur, Raymond and Richard (the next generation of Sacklers) was a master of the Semitic craft: working the angle. Getting the green light from the government through legal bribes and Jewish cooperation across different sectors in medicine and media , the Sackler cartel embarked on a massive campaign to expand the prescription rate of OxyContin through a multi-million dollar multimedia campaign, as well as “Detail men”–private salesmen trained to push and butter up the often overwhelmed doctors of especially poor parts of the White American South and Midwest. Just as Valium became “Mommy’s Little Helper”, their goal was to give OxyContin it’s new nickname: “Hillbilly Heroin”. The tight profits of existing opiates meant a demand had to be manufactured.


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  1. kerberos616 says:

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


  2. GoyOrbison says:

    Just listened to the recent interview. Truly disgusting the lack of scruples these people have. It’s like they purposely seek out the most destructive and degenerate ways to make money off of others. I’ve known a few guys that went down the road of going from taking pain killers to becoming full blown heroin addicts and while fortunately some ended up cleaning up their acts, others weren’t so lucky and ended up dying in the end. All of them white men too. Pretty depressing stuff.

    And pain pills aren’t the only poison these scumbags push onto people. You’re spot on about them creating pathologies. “Anti-depressants”, “anti-anxiety” medications, and pills to help with “attention deficit disorder”: all quick fixes for made up diseases or temporary solutions to problems these people invent in a society. It wouldn’t surprise me if the names involved with those echo as much as the (((Sacklers))). There’s an old TRS article that discussed it, with a very telling quote where a Dr. Joseph (((Biderman))) considers himself on the same level as God. Very wicked and sick shit.

    As a side note, I remember going to a psychiatrist’s office as a kid back when they first started pushing this ADD bullshit and boy did he echo. And he did have the Hippocratic oath on his wall, with one side in English and the other in Hebrew. For all I know, it could’ve been the Protocols or a quote from the Talmud written in that alien script. Either way, the chutzpah of someone saying they’ll do no harm while selling poison to children is mind-boggling, much like these sick fuck doctors that partake in this transgender garbage. Anyway, great work Eric. Keep exposing these bastards.

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