Jews Behind Anti-Polish Agitation In Britain

by Eric Striker

A 16 year old Polish girl was recently driven to suicide by a band of English “meangirls” who relentlessly taunted and stalked her for being Eastern European. The racially motivated harassment would’ve sparked a national outcry and a manhunt for the abusers if the victim had been one of the Queen’s protected pets, but because the victim was Polish, no administrators, child advocate, politician, or anybody else has said anything, and likely won’t in the future. There is no mention of this on the various Antifa and anti-racist (Hope Not Hate, etc) sites either, proving that lofty ideals of racial tolerance are only cover for the real motive of the NGO Left: Jewish racism.

While the Poles have officially forgiven the Jews for their bestial crimes against humanity (such as the Katyn massacre),  diplomacy and reconciliation is not in the hubris filled Hebrew’s DNA. British Jewry is enacting its own form of slowly disseminated vengeance. The trajectory is familiar, when Jews were expelled from Spain after the Reconquista, a whole nation was subsequently marred with calumnies of being uniquely evil mulattoes via the “Black Legend” that “suddenly” started spreading in their new homes of Holland and Britain. Germans improbably gassing millions, Nero fiddling as Rome burns,  bogus charges of anti-Semitism against the USSR in the 1970’s, Palestinian guerillas using children as human shields. Where Jews are scorned, regardless of ethics or context, a people’s reputation is libeled.

For reasons that escape me, the Jews have been most successful in whipping up the British, where a significant part of the population suspends its polite manners and becomes frenzied. Whether it is Germans, Iraqis, and now Poles, pan-Judah’s yellow press has taken Tommy on more rides than Euro-Disney.

Looking through cases of anti-Polish sentiment released by the British Judenpress, I noticed a peculiar amount of freedom in the diatribes. Time and time again, the authors spouting the most extreme forms of “hate speech” in “well-respected” newspapers turn out to be virtually exclusively Jewish.

In 2007, parliament member Daniel Kawczynski accused the Jew infested (Yentob, Saatchi, Green, et al) BBC of a campaign to embellish the bad behavior of “white Christian Poles” while willfully obfuscating what the most problematic foreigners do, citing a dramatic increase in anti-Polish street violence running in tandem with rabid media assaults.

This charge is by no means unfounded and has a long history. In Chapter 37 of Henry Ford’s International Jew  (on Benjamin Disraeli) he talks about Jews misrepresenting and defaming the Polish in their press all the way back in the 1920’s.  The Jew Giles Coren continues this tradition almost a century later in a 2008 rant for The Times titled “Two waves of immigration, Poles apart”, where he attempts to contrast the apparent racial and moral superiority of Jews who immigrated from Poland with contemporary Gentile migration from the country, even going so far as using the derogatory term Polack:

That is the difference between the two kinds of migration, you see. The economic and the humanitarian. We Corens are here, now, because the ancestors of these Poles now going home used to amuse themselves at Easter by locking Jews in the synagogue and setting fire to it. Harry didn’t leave in the hope of finding a better life. Just a life. The option to return was not there for him, for obvious reasons, and by 1945 the Poland he had left did not exist anymore. My sympathy for the plight of the modern Polack is thus limited, and if England is not the land of milk and honey it appeared to them three or four years ago, then, frankly, they can clear off out of it.

In a remarkable reveal of the common Jew’s moral compass, Coren then aims his vitriol at Lithuanians for a state prosecutor’s decision to consider holding accountable Jewish communist partisan’s guilty of the Koniuchy Massacre, where Jews indiscriminately murdered dozens of unarmed women and children and wiped an entire village off the face of the earth during the Second World War:

Only this week a Radio 4 programme revealed plans by the Lithuanian state prosecutor (with the full support of Lithuania’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Jaroslavas Neverovicas) to charge former members of the Jewish resistance in Lithuania – escapees from the ghetto, who were fighting for their lives – with war crimes. As state-sponsored anti-Semitism, it makes Jörg Haider (remember him?), with his mild nostalgia for shiny leather boots and concentration camps, seem terribly innocuous.

In 2009, Jew Jonathan Freedland wrote for the Judeo-Left Guardian that Poles as a nation were collaborators in the so-called “holocaust”. This is a common theme amongst Jew journalists and contributors in the British media, that Poles must be held collectively accountable for the fantastic tales they make up as they go about WWII.

Poles are portrayed as welfare leeches, yet the facts say otherwise. The Daily Mail howlsabout less than 900 (out of 2 million) Poles being locked up in British jails, but the powerful people commenting so casually begin to sweat when inquiries about the origin of the other 85,000 inmates in the UK are made.  David Cameron and Jew Ed Miliband have no qualms in “naming the Pole“–so to speak.

While the present situation does hurt aspects of the British working class also hit hard by the plight of unemployment, Polish immigration to the majority black and Pakistani London where Nigerians are chopping people’s heads off in the street isn’t even in the top 100 problems facing people there. Never the less, failed craven Conservatives like Nigel Farage, whose UKIP party touts a flea-ridden ghetto Jew as their “poster boy” ,  have tried to make mountains out of this Pole hill. This is how you know a conservative shill from a genuine nationalist.

The Polish Problem

27 years after the fall of communism, Poland has been declared Europe’s “Post-Socialist Success Story” by Jewish-run American market-liberal think tanks. The data, however, completely omits the silent and hidden crisis that has been haunting an entire generation on our neo-liberal planet: the ineptitude of the market to integrate young and middle aged men into the labor force.

Despite an allegedly growing economy, the de-industrialization and globalization of the country has led to a scenario where millions of Polish men eager to work and start families are unable to find gainful employment, or even any kind of job period. This is not only true for the unskilled, but also for highly educated and talented Poles. The response of the Polish government so far has been simply to encourage its citizens to leave. The capitalists have Potempkin villages too.

With a Polish unemployment rate of 13% (which is most likely a gross understatement), millions of citizens have looked towards utilizing European Union free movement laws to find opportunities in countries where capitalists thirst for cheap labor, primarily Germany and Britain. The result has been that a large number of Polish citizens are living abroad, concentrated in these two states.

But why is it that in the land of Draconian speech laws forbidding open debate about immigration, historical research into the Holocaust, or even satire, an immigrant minority is being scapegoated by the press and politicians as the cause of all of Britain’s problems?

Why is it acceptable for certain white British opportunists and nimrods–who urinate their knickers at the very prospect of even criticizing a Jew’s pastrami-on-rye–to open up a second front against Polish immigrants already forced to fight for their lives in poor districts close in proximity to Britain’s predatory, feral Africans and Asians?

The Answer is Jews.


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  1. revdocjon says:

    Please understand that the modern Jew, is not a Hebrew, nor a son of Abraham, nor a son of Heber-the patriarch in the Old Testament.

    Modern jewry comes from a group of people called the Khazars- a Turkish-Finnic tribe, that converted to Talmudic Judaism around the eighth century.

    Indeed, the modern Jew uses this confusion about their supposed ethnic identity, to hide behind their evil. Please do not legitimize them, by using terms that are religious, and belong only to Christianity.


  2. bear1563 says:

    At the bottom of every rabbit hole is the hypocritical, despicable jew.

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  3. Steve Walsh says:

    I see some Stormfront ‘Nationalists’ are furiously master-baiting over the Polish girl’s mother LOL
    Racial Regards from Pind Dadan Khan Pakistan, 14/88/786


  4. kerberos616 says:

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


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