Forgotten Man


Drifting through the city of lights
The forgotten man’s heroic plight
Concrete mountains block the dawn
Gaze at decline, expected to fawn

Deprived of hearth and form,  the object of scorn
Dismissed as beast, hooked on booze and porn
No joy or laughter in the West
Without grand cause, yet no time for rest


Forgotten man ascends towards Brahma
Awakened to Necessity, he finds his Dharma
Through deeds and example, he ignites a fire
Forgotten no longer, he begins to inspire


Declared not needed by the Iudaeus quo
Once convinced, he believes it no more
If when he speaks (((you))) do not hear
That’s when you have something to fear

With honor and love, they do step
For this nourishes the soul in depth
But forget these men at (((your))) peril
For mates and land, they turn feral



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