The Lesbian Rotherham? Abused Child’s Death Sheds Light on Homosexual Parenting, Social Worker Coverup

The 2014 murder of two year old Liam Fee from sustained abuse at the hands of his mother Rachel Trelfa, and her sadistic “partner” Nyomi Fee (bull dyke with eyebrow piercing), has traumatized the Scottish public. With tolerance for the “LGBT community” taken  to an unprecedented pinnacle in human civilization, queers have been making history left and right, and in this case the couple in question has gotten in the books as one of the “worst cases of abuse” in Scotland’s history.

While politically uncomfortable for the BBC to report, the impossible to hide gravity of the crime has forced them to cover it, including the strong evidence revealing institutional enabling, where child protection services and social workers categorically refused to investigate the homosexual couple in spite of repeated complaints about the boy’s well-being.

The story begins in 2011, the year of Liam’s birth. His biological father Joseph Johnson had begun living with Rachel in 2005. In a bizarre move, about 9 months after baby Liam was born, Rachel left Johnson to go live an “alternative lifestyle” with a bull-dyke named Nyomi, known for her mean-streak. In the West, fathers have no rights in regards to their children (the only exception is when the father runs off to live as a faggot) even when the mother leaves for arbitrary reasons or willfully puts the child in danger. Thus, Rachel was able to gain custody of the boy, even though she would soon after complain to Johnson about domestic violence at the hands of her new fuzz-bumping lover. Unfortunately for Liam, Johnson was unable to persuade Rachel to come back to him and keep her and her child safe.

When it comes to queers vs normal people, the evidence is damning: while the Lifetime Channel asserts otherwise in its made-for-tv Canadian low-budgets, people in homosexual relationships are far more likely to experience violence at the hands of a spouse, while those in traditional marriages are the least likely to.

For children caught in the middle of such households, they are 4 times more likely more likely to grow up in broken homes, 4 times more likely to identify as homosexual or bisexual, and a shocking 10 times more likely to have been sexually abused by a parent or adult guardian!

Homosexual Sadism Goes Unchecked

Toddlers At Homosexual Festival. Notice “LGBT” Leather Fetish Choker on Little Girl on the Left

While there are cases of heterosexuals subjecting children to what little Liam and 2 other kids in the Fee household went through, they are often people with  drug problems or non-whites. If homosexuals derive immense sexual gratification from the desecration and mutilation of the human body, why would they limit this to their bedroom?

Relevant court documents pertaining to this case reveal intricately planned psychological and physical torture against the kids that goes beyond any normal disciplinary interest met by measured corporal punishment at the hands of a truly loving parent. Instead, the “creativity” in this torture appears more like something inspired by Jew Eli Roth’s faux-snuff movie Hostel:

-Liam and the other little boys were force-fed dog feces and vomit.

-When wetting the bed, the toddlers were denied use of the bathroom for the rest of the day.

-One frightful child was stripped naked by the dykes and kept in bondage overnight in a room they filled with snakes and rats.

-Chaining two year old Liam up and mercilessly beating him.

Picture of Chain in Room Used To Torture Liam

Social Services Breaks Own Protocol, Likely To Protect Queer Agenda in Fee Investigation

Reports show that Liam was kept out of sight, and the physical manifestations of his abuse were obfuscated by the couple having him covered up in a blanket when visitors came. The nursery which the lesbians used to care for Liam during the day, however, did notice that the boy was curiously bruised and underweight, and immediately filed a report with child services. The response was tepid, a quick visit to the door by police and a phone call from case workers was met with the explanation that Liam had simply fallen and bumped his head.

While understandable to a point, the puzzling factor is that the British government is known for its excessive confiscation of children from decent parents over minute offenses. Yet, in a case where there was actual evidence of something egregious going on, the Fee case was pre-maturely dropped, against standard operation protocol, and this was almost certainly for political reasons, as in the now infamous Rotherham case.

Finally, even after nursery care takers and others had repeatedly sought to get updates on Liam’s case from social services due to witnessing continued problems, the neglected child was finally killed by the system-enabled homosexual parents.  The specialist who had done the autopsy on the two year old after his March 22nd, 2014 death from heart trauma, testified that Liam’s injuries were so extreme they were something clinically common mostly in people hit by cars: widespread blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen that broke numerous bones, and finally became so extreme that it collapsed his heart.

 Originally, the Fee pearl-divers tried to frame a 7 year old in their household for the crime, even coming up with a bizarre story only a mentally depraved faggot could invent about the little boy in question having sexual attraction towards Liam. The evidence and testimony from the abused boys showed they were lying, and the couple was convicted. When Liam laid dead before them, computer records of the inhumane sexual deviants showed they were busy googling “can wives be in prison together?”, instead of taking him to the hospital.

While not officially on trial, local social services was forced to admit under oath that they had blundered and neglected the investigation, although they would not state exactly why. The Fife Child Protection Committee claims it will engage in an extensive internal review to find out why the lesbian couple wasn’t followed as closely as they would a heterosexual couple, and if the investigation is objective, we will almost certainly find a political motive.

Nursery workers, a baby sitter, and a family friend–all unconnected and all calling Fife child services about Liam being abused, yet the case inexplicably “fell off the radar”.

At the trial itself, while the jury and the boy’s father wept during the encounter with the evidence in the case, the Nyomi Fee and mother Rachel Fee laughed and joked throughout the trial. For a queer, homosexuality is their defining characteristic as people, as well as the focal point of their hedonistic, narcissistic world view–nothing else matters. It’s not surprising that two dykes would be in high spirits, even embracing the prospect of being in all women’s facility, extending their subhuman existence on the tax-payers dime.

But with a state, academia and media outside of our hands, it’s only a matter of time until there is another Liam. Is this the “Gay Rotherham”? You better believe it.


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