Peru Elects International Jewish Banker As President

by Eric Striker

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski: Different Disguises, Same Behavior

As we speak, vote tallies are favoring 77 year old presidential candidate Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, son of a German-Jew “refugee”, over his opponent,  Keiko Fujimori (of Japanese descent, daughter of former Peruvian dictator Alberto Fujimori).

The ethnicity of the two presidential candidates in Peru, being a country that is overwhelmingly Amerindian, is quite astonishing and peculiar at first glance, but Jewish power is virulent in the heavily exploited Andean state. According to the Latin American Jewish Congress, there are only 3,000 Jews in all of Peru out of a population of 30.4 million. And yet, Jews in the last 20 years have managed to utilize support networks from Jews outside of the country to propel themselves as second and third in commands in most of the country’s recent governments:

-Alberto Fujimori regime (1990-2000): Efrain Goldenberg was by far one of the most influential entities within the dictatorship’s decade long rule. This individual served as Prime Minister, Foreign Relations Minister, and, of course, Finance Minister. Fujimori’s regime, which modeled itself after the Augusto Pinochet IMF decreed “shock economics” example, was a massive boon for foreign Jewish mineral-capital, which allowed George Soros and others of his persuasion to buy a massive stake in the country’s world-class gold mines for fire sale prices. These Jew-owned gold mines are known throughout the world as vessels for some of the most vicious economic exploitation going on in the world, where modern-day slavery and child labor are standards in the industry.

-Alejandro Toledo regime (2001-2006): First Lady was the Israeli Eliane Karp, Vice President and Defense Minister was David Waisman (to see the nepotism in action, Waisman held the second highest position in the government despite being a high school dropout), and Lima Representative Jacques Saloman Rodrich-Ackerman. The Toledo government, which gave away its nation’s resources in the Peru-United States Trade Promotion Agreement (2007) , was extremely Jewy: Josep Maiman Rappaport, Adam Pollak, Mark Rich, Allan Wagner Tizon, Samuel Gleyser Katz, Daniel Shydlowsky Rosenberg, Jaysuno Schartzberg, etc etc.  Many of these individuals carried on into subsequent Peruvian governments in switched up positions or as advisors.

-Ollanta Humala (2011-2016): Humala’s connections to Jews are especially shocking. In 2006, Humala, an ex-military man, ran as an outsider Incan nationalist vowing to take his country back, and for this was accused by Peru’s Jewish press of being an “anti-Semite”, even winning the endorsement of Peru’s Nationalsocialist Party . He was narrowly defeated by opponent Alan Garcia after a consorted electoral cycle racked by violence and corruption. After a number of meetings with the Asociacion Judia del Peru’s Isaac Mekler, Humala proved malleable, and struck a deal with Peruvian Jewry to advance their interests. He was launched into power in 2011, with a toned down campaign preaching watered down nationalism. It would later emerge that Humala’s 2011 campaign handler was Salomon Lerner, a Jewish capitalist that subsequently was granted a number of privileges and government positions. The Humala government was a massive disappointment for Peru’s Indians, initially inspired by his message.

The Wall Street Jew

Peru’s new President is no stranger to this political mafia. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, whose new party Peruanos Por el Kambio (purposely named to coincide with his initials) offers no solutions to any problems Peruvians have.

Unsurprisingly, Kuczynski–an American citizen–has served in multiple positions in Peru’s government since the 1980’s (including Prime Minister under the Toledo government). He was a partner at the infamous Jewish Wall Street bank Kuhn, Loeb, & Co, worked for the investment wing of the usurious World Bank, and has been involved in quieted scandals revolving around insider (guess who were the insiders) deals regarding Peru’s mines as Minister of Energy and Mines (1980-82).

You don’t need much of an imagination to see what Kuczynski has in store for Peru. The main question is: how do 3,000 Jews dominate, exploit, and rule unquestioned over 30 million Peruvians?

This Is Why Jews Support Non-White Immigration

Those dishonest forces who specialize in Jew-denial often reject all evidence tracing third world immigration and globalization to Jewish power as outlandish. The conservative argument (Ann Coulter, Jared Taylor, etc) often presents opinion polls taken of Mexican, Arab or other non-white immigrants revealing that they are often more “anti-Semitic” and hostile to Israel than Western people, and thus, for this reason, the browning of the Occident is ultimately bad for Jews, so they must not be responsible. Here, they release the Jew from culpability by logically deducing: Jews who lead pushes for massive, nation-wrecking population transfers are either misguided idealists, suicidal “white” people no different in archetype than the average white liberal, or cannot possibly be involved at all.

But these forces ignore the big picture, and by rejecting the self-interested racial malice argue against topics like open borders or neo-liberal trans-national capitalism with their arms tied behind their back .   While blacks and Mesoamericans, due to close proximity to Jews in major cosmopolitan areas, may loath Jews, and even sometimes commit violent attacks against individual Jews, they ultimately lack the intellectual capacity or organizing ability to challenge this international entity on a meta-political level.

As nations begin taking on the characteristics of the third world newcomers they take in, poverty and inequality grows. Wealth, media, academia, and political power becomes concentrated into fewer and fewer hands as the huddled miscellaneous brown masses make host nations dumber and more incoherent, and this is why Jews choose to make New York, California, London, Brussels and Paris the seats of their world power. As the cultural and racial homogeneity of Western nations is rapidly destroyed, simultaneously, the most powerful moguls become more and more uniformly Jewish. All of the aforementioned cites are majority non-white, and the countries they are in are declining in every possible respect at alarming rates for every day people, and yet, the Jews in these cosmopolitan dystopias are wealthier and wield more international power than ever before in history.

The Jews want the whole world to be their private little Peru, this is why Jews want to destroy all white countries. A few whites for sex and public relations, a few Asians to run the more minor, detail oriented managerial positions, a gigantic mass of languishing coffee colored slaves for labor, and the unchallenged international Jew with his feet perched up on an ottoman, watching the ant-goyim down below.


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  1. Josh says:

    The only European leader in recent times to truly challenge the jews was Hitler but he was defeated by other useful idiot whites. Look how Russia was controlled by the Jews and Great Britain and they were not multicultural at the time. No country has been so thoroughly enslaved to Jewish power than the United States. Trump is just another Humala and yet plenty of idiot whites support him despite how obvious it is that he’s controlled opposition.

    Also Latin America has had plenty of leaders who have been assassinated and undermined by the jew-controlled United States, so it’s not that they haven’t tried to fight and elect their own leaders but that the CIA has done everything to thwart their sovereignty for the benefit of transnational corporations and international jewish bankers.

    No doubt these elections are rigged just as they are in the US and Europe or they are presented with two choices that are basically the same.

    The reason the jews want a multicultural society is because it is easier to divide and conquer. Look how the controlled left blames everything on “whites” and then the controlled right blame everything on the brown people. It’s perfect. The jews get them fighting among each other and then no one challenges them. The current presidential election in the US is a perfect example of this. They got the dumb right supporting Trump and the dumb left supporting Hillary, meanwhile only a minority of intellectuals see that they are both Jewish controlled opposition.


  2. kerberos616 says:

    Reblogged this on Kerberos616.


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