Jesse Friedman: Proven Child Molester Organized Jewry Is Trying To Exonerate

by Eric Striker

More than a century ago, a Jewish serial child molester named Leo Frank was tried in a Georgia court and twice convicted for the rape and murder of his 13 year old pencil factory employee, Mary Phagan, whose mangled little corpse was found brutalized in his vicinity as he kept her after hours. The event was the catalyst for the foundation of the infamous Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish organization that today lobbies and conspires for the familiar dichotomy of globalist cosmopolitanism in white countries and extreme Zionism for Israel.

The Frank case was widely touted in the New York City mass media and Hearst papers at the time as a “blood libel”, where an innocent Jew was being convicted by a moral panic fueled by irrational anti-Semitism that was occulting justice. No evidence for this was produced, and anti-Semitism in the land where the population’s only interaction with Jewry was through the Schofield Bible Christianity and Confederate top-dog Judah Benjamin was virtually non-existent. Yet, so great was the media ruckus engineered by organized Jewry in defense of the perpetrator that Frank was given a second trial in a federal court, and found guilty once again.

It’s not hard to see why he was found guilty. Pouring through the evidence ,  it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that Frank brutalized, raped, and strangled the girl, and would otherwise have been a slam dunk case were he not Chosen. But this did not stop the tampering, the audaciously dishonest united media front, the endless stream of Hebrew collection plate dollars to contract America’s greatest lawyers and private investigators, or the intricate attempts to frame an illiterate negro watchmen for the crime by planting evidence. The negro in the case confessed that he helped Leo Frank try and hide the body for a few dollars, and when evidence exonerated him from Frank’s defense teams attempt to frame him for the crime, the Jews protecting Frank simply resorted to playing on what they assumed were the baser instincts of the Georgia jury by asserting that a black man’s testimony should never be used as evidence against a “white” man–on the sole basis of race. Bet the ADL doesn’t talk about this history of theirs during their “black-Jewish alliance” campaigns, which to this day holds that the aforementioned illiterate country negro was actually a criminal mastermind who had outsmarted all of America, including Georgia jurors all too familiar with blacks, to frame wealthy and connected Jewish capitalist Leo Frank.

Never the less, it didn’t work. In early 20th century America, white workers and farmers still had advocates, including little Mary Phagan. Anti-capitalist people’s crusader Tom E. Watson covered the case intricately in his magazine, and exposed every single lie the New York papers tried to pass off to bust one of theirs out of prison. Watson was not at the start an anti-Semite, but by the end of the case, as he dug deeper and witnessed the nation-wide mobilization of Jewish power and resources to free an undoubtedly guilty child abusing killer, his fight against the exploitation of the little guy took on a new dimension in this direction. When Frank had exhausted all of his options and privileges of appeal, the Jews managed to bribe local Georgia politicians into pardoning the guilty man. But this injustice, which they would get away with today, was met by a wave of solidarity carried in the hearts of the civically minded family men of Georgia. The outrage hit a boiling point, Leo Frank was broken out of prison, and the stewards hung him like a sick old dog.

Many decades later, with Southern leadership in the spirit of Tom Watson decapitated and replaced by Evangelical-for-sale hucksters , organized Jewry managed to get an exoneration for Frank posthumously in 1986 after multiple attempts. Even after his death, they created a legend around Frank through consistent production of Broadway musicals, movies, and “a story a day” type of reporting in all the familiar Jewish rags, which eventually caused Georgia’s Pardon and Parole board to cave under pressure.

If the Jews can’t win in court, they try you in the media, and in this courtroom they can ensure they are judge, jury, and executioner. The Jesse Friedman case is no exception.

Enter: Jesse Friedman, the new Leo Frank


In 1987, a middle aged father of three and high school teacher in  Great Neck, New York named Arnold Friedman came to the attention of the United States Postal Service for using the mail to trade photographs and magazines featuring little boys being sexually abused with a fellow Jew residing in the Netherlands. After an in depth investigation, police showed up to Friedman’s door with a warrant and uncovered a cache of hidden infantile and underage pornography. But when they went down stairs, they revealed a situation that was far worse than they could imagine.

Arnold and his son Jesse ran a computer tutorial class in the basement of their home for dozens of young boys. An investigation was conducted, and 14 students in the Friedmans’ computer class–ranging from ages 8 and up–admitted to either being sexually molested, or witnessing such activity.  Additionally, Arnold Friedman had exposed the young boys to pornography, strange sexualized takes on children’s games, and other grotesque malfeasance.

For investigators, it was generally assumed that Arnold was the main perpetrator, and his son Jesse, 19 years old at the time, was simply a powerless bystander. This was incorrect. The children interviewed noted that Jesse was an enthusiastic participant in the sex abuse, and that he colluded with his fathers in making pornographic material with the boys and indulged in sexual activity with them besides his dad. The largely Irish and Italian detectives were astonished, heart-broken and horrified: the Friedman house had not just one predator, but two, and possibly more. A third suspect was unearthed, the Friedmans’ fellow Jewish neighbor Ross Goldstein, was tried besides the father and son. The children were terrorized by the pedophiles to keep quiet for a long time, but a number of signs of abuse emerged, such as the development of stutters, fear of leaving the house, and other psychological wounds.

During court proceedings, Arnold Friedman and his son denied all allegations. The elder Friedman admitted that throughout his life he had sexually molested “only” 41 boys, but was innocent of the charges raised against him. Jesse backed his father up, and claimed he too was innocent.  When the evidence started mounting, both Arnold and Jesse took plea bargains. Jesse Friedman’s psychiatrist, hand-picked by his defense team, testified that he was a “psychopathic deviant” .

Both individuals subsequently confessed to their crimes. Jesse Friedman’s confession was quite public, going so far as admitting to the crimes on national television via the Geraldo Rivera show, and explaining that his behavior was caused by the sexual relationship he had with his homosexual-pedophile father. The strange behavior of this Jewish family goes deeper than just Jesse and Arnold. Arnold admitted that he had gotten a taste for sex with little boys with his younger  brother Howard (8 years old at the time of his abuse), and had later on quenched his deviant impulses during the brief period between the 1960’s and 1980’s when pedophile pornography was considered to be in a legal “gray area” in the United States.  The brother in question was featured in a documentary later on…with his homosexual “spouse”. Jesse Friedman and lead defense Peter Panaro both corroborate this.

Everything about this case seemed straightforward: 14 victims and witnesses with consistent stories, circumstantial evidence pointing to pedophile tendencies (stacks of child pornography), confessions from the defendants and testimony from relatives, psychiatric support. The pornographic images of the children alleged to have been taken were never found, but prosecutors found that while Arnold Friedman was in detention, Jesse–still free at the time– had visited him  to locate the incriminating images.  A follow up investigation discovered a secret room near the Friedmans’ computer class that police agents had failed to locate at the time of the initial search. It is likely Jesse destroyed the photographic evidence during the eye of the storm, but never the less, it wasn’t necessary. Jesse’s father committed suicide in prison in 1995, Jesse himself pled to an 18 year sentence.

Jews Blur Innocence and Guilt

After doing about 13 years of his 18 years, Jesse was released from prison in 2001. While no longer in the state’s custody, Jesse was forced–with good reason–to register as a Level III sex offender, and is forbidden from being anywhere near children, including his own if he chooses to reproduce with his wife. For obvious reasons, this has made life for Friedman inconvenient, and he began to pull strings to start a campaign to get himself exonerated

In 2002, the likely Jew Andrew Janecki and the Jew Marc Smerling began compiling home videos the Friedman family had taken during their trial, released in 2003 as “Capturing the Friedmans”. The “documentary” was a composite of the family working together to get Arnold and Jesse off, their strange reactions to news and information, celebrations of birthdays and Jewish holidays, and contemporary material featuring mostly anonymous people claiming the Friedmans were set up and that witnesses were coerced by investigators. The premise of this film frames the Friedman case as fallout from a “moral panic” during the late 1980s, where children across America were coming forward as victims of sexual abuse, such as the McMartin Preschool case. The words anti-Semitism were never uttered, but the use of the term “moral panic” , just like the “Red Scare” of the 1950’s (which cohencidentally led to the upheavals of the 1960’s once Joseph McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover were reined in or out of the picture), suggested in between the lines that all the stupid goyim were possessed by mindless prejudice and that the Jews–as usual–were innocent. With mostly White Gentiles as accusers, investigators, and witnesses, the racial tension in this case is palpable.

Director Andrew Janecki

The film, despite being an HBO low budget, was curiously received by mass praise in the heavily Jewish film critic and prestige press. The year of its release, it won the Grand Jury prize at the Sundance film festival. Despite written protest from victims of the Friedman gang , “Capturing the Friedmans” was even nominated for an Oscar. The famous lawyer Ron Kuby, former member of the Jewish Defense League and self-proclaimed Marxist , decided to take up Jesse’s case pro-bono. The New York Times and many other “Coastal Publications” (read: Jewish) followed the case closely for a decade in a watered down “one story a day” type of formula known to be used for propagating the Holocaust story. The editorial line in most of these media pieces is to take the side of the Friedmans, and much of the public was outraged at what was being presented as two innocent men who lost everything.

One of the more telling Talmudic rationalizations in defense of the Friedmans was featured for the Village Voice. The Jew Debbie Nathan , in “Complex Persecution“, simultaneously asserts the innocence of the Friedmans, while at the same time presenting a thinly veiled defense of the molestation of children and, that its effects are “overblown”. This is why Jewish intellectuals in positions to impose their insanity are a cataclysmic threat to the world:

While molestation can of course leave kids with grievous psychic wounds, research by Philip Ney of the University of British Columbia and his colleagues (published in 1994 in the journal Child Abuse and Neglect) suggests that physical and verbal abuse and neglect tend to be far more emotionally damaging to children than molestation. Research by Bruce Rind and colleagues, published by the American Psychological Association in 1998, indicates that many children seem wholly unaffected by sexual contact with adults. This should not surprise. The Arnold Friedmans of the world are kinder to kids than many normal adults.

In other words, the Friedmans are innocent, and if they aren’t, 8 year old boys raped by Arnold and Jesse like being molested by their caretakers anyway. The study cited by Nathan was conducted by  the Jews Bruce Rind, Robert Bauserman, and Philip Tromovitch in a 1998 edition of Nancy Eisenberg’s Psychological Bulletin. The “meta analysis” asserts that calling sexual activity between children and adults molestation is a social construct, as the demented Heebs actually claim it is possible for a small child to be a willing participant in sodomy.

Bruce Rind

Eventually, the Jews pressured the District Attorney into re-opening the case.

The Nassau County District Attorney revisited all the evidence in the case, including claims made in “Capturing the Friedmans”, and produced a massive file addressing every single point brought up by Friedman advocates in detail:

1) Mark Epstein, a Jew who took one of the Friedman’s computer classes, was the only one to go on camera and claim in the documentary that he never saw any abuse and that he and the other kids were all making it up. Epstein, however, was not one of the 14 accusers.

2) A bizarre recording in the documentary from “Witness 14” stating : “As God is my witness, and on my two children’s lives, I was never raped or sodomized” was debunked by Witness 14 himself. In a sworn statement to the District Attorney, the man told them that the documentary crew had edited and mischaracterized his statement, and that he had contacted Janecki and Smerling with dire complaints. Witness 14 had never claimed to be abused, but had said in his interview with the two Jews that he did witness abuse, but this part was omitted.

3)  Another witness (only 2 of 14 were featured in the documentary) “Gregory Doe” claimed that his statement was given after being put under hypnosis by a therapist. A sworn affidavit from said therapist, Joyce W. Parks, states that this never happened.

4) All of the victims and witnesses from the 1987 case, now adult men, reaffirmed the abuse they suffered at the hands of the Friedmans, and expressed outrage at the attempts to exonerate them.

5) Though Jesse recanted that he was abused by his father and his full confession on Geraldo Rivera (which was, of course, omitted in the documentary), compelling evidence pointing to a penchant for molesting children consolidated the original verdict. While in prison, Jesse Friedman was recorded to have been reprimanded twice. Once for holding torn out pictures of naked pre-pubescent children in his cell, and another time for authoring violent, disturbing pornographic stories about incest, the rape of children, and bestiality.

6) Friedman claims he was pressured into a plea by his Gentile lawyer Panaro,  but he replied that Friedman had in fact confessed to the crimes to him, and that he was ethically bound to never take a plea for such a serious case if he was convinced his client was innocent.

And so on and so on. The unbelievably damning evidence had the D.A. closing the case a second time. While any other person in Jesse’s predicament would’ve appealed in vain, the Jews succeeded through their power and clout in our institutions to plant a seed of doubt where there never was one: this was a textbook open and shut case pried open through semantical argument and evidence-less pressure. Friedman has changed his story multiple times through the decades, and DA lead investigator, Kathleen Rice, in the reopening concluded that, as Friedman’s psychiatrist had initially concluded, he was a “psychopath”.  Jesse’s Jews sued Rice for “defamation”.

As a people, the Jew’s unmatched racism and tribalism had once again made a mockery out of the noble pursuit of defending the wrongly convicted.

From Leo Frank to Jonathan Pollack, and now the Friedmans, they show that in their moral code, egregious brutality against non-Jews, even children, are not crimes in the eyes of the most of them.  Because it is difficult for Jews to keep lying with the evidence released out into the world so recently, they have been rather quiet about it in the last couple of years. But expect them to try again in the future until they get the result they want.

Some Things Never Change

It’s always astonishing when people believe actually believe the improbable claim that every single accusation lodged against Jews for the murder or abuse of Gentiles throughout all of human history is a lie (the only Jews they admit are guilty are ones that harm other Jews, E.G., Bernie Madoff). When it comes to the spree of accusations of Jewish ritual murder or terrorism throughout the ages, it is dismissed as Gentile hysteria, Medieval superstition (despite most ritual murder accusations in Europe clustering in the 18th and 19th centuries), or plain old hateful scapegoating. The truth is that Jews are willing to unite as a group to lie and obfuscate with the malicious intent of protecting their degenerates, monsters and killers. To them, the word or suffering or even the humanity of a non-Jew is not admissible in their “court of law”.



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