Grandson of Sigmund Freud: Raped Multiple Kids, Did He Kill Madeline McCann?


by Eric Striker

Britain is on the brink of yet another pedophile scandal. While the full extent of just how many child-molesters dominate Britain’s business class, bureaucracy, and aristocracy is not known, it is obvious that Westminster is micromanaged by many underworld deviants being cherry picked for the purpose of blackmail by Jews and other forces that have ruled the country uninterrupted since the age of Cromwell. A file listing names involved in this conspiracy was provided to the British Home Office in the 1980’s, but the Jew who it was handed to, Home Secretary Leon Brittan, purposely destroyed this evidence , as he himself was not only a participant, but likely its ringleader.

In explosive new revelations, it is believed that the grandson of notorious pedophile-ideologue Sigmund Freud, the media personality and career politician Clement Freud who died in 2009, was a member of a “VIP pedophile ring”, where young children were abducted and violently sexually abused. Freud is connected to a number of very powerful international figures. Clement’s son, Matthew, is married to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elizabeth.

Yet the story does not end there. The infamous case of the 2007 disappearance of three year old Madeleine McCann, whose investigation was surrounded by whispers about an elite pedophile ring that raped and killed kids dismissed as kookery, as well as marred by allegations of yet another cover up, has been forced back open.  Police were apparently tipped off about Freud’s potential involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance years ago, but refused to investigate, despite unusual and immediate attention from the world’s intelligence services when the case became known.  The new angle on the McCann case was to try and claim the parents killed her and hid the evidence, as featured in a recent book by a Portuguese ex- detective, but the smell that ticked off cadaver dogs in the McCann lodgings have been proven to have been unrelated, a false alarm provoked by the old second hand furniture in the room. Another theory, based on eye witness testimonies and death-bed confessions, claimed that Gypsies abducted the girl to sell to an elite Europe-wide pedophile ring. Other allegations connect the McCann disappearance to a supposed snuff porn and pedophilia ring led by Mossad agent Zev Barkan, who is a fugitive wanted by New Zealand police for illicit activities he conducted while in touch with local gangs based in hubs of child abuse like Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines.

The woman who lodged the tip did so after reading Kate McCann’s book detailing the night Madeleine disappeared. The chapter in the book mentioned how Clement Freud, who was lodging near the McCann’s during the abduction, approached the family out of the blue and befriended them.  Knowing Freud’s penchant for 10 year old girls, Vicky Hayes got a justified eerie sinking feeling in her stomach: Freud, knowing his family’s history of mental illness, may have derived some sort of sick sexual pleasure from being in close proximity to the parents, or even used them to scope out their child.  Now police are claiming they will investigate this lead, but it is almost certain that a crime so recent has plenty of still living and still powerful accomplices.

The fact of the matter is that this is probably just the tip of the iceberg, and the full scope probably won’t ever be known as these old Jews and freaks take their monstrous actions to the grave.  The reality of the matter is that most Western countries are managed by people being blackmailed for something, and ruled by those running the means for the blackmail. Once in a while, as with the cases of Jimmy Savile, Marc Dutroux, Paul Bonacci, and now Clement Freud, some tidbits of information are revealed.

Some call it freemasonry, others call it a criminal network. One thing is clear: the reason our elites audaciously sell us out–some of them not even for money–is because they know and keep secrets only known to the few.  Furthermore, we’ve seen the wild degree to which Jews will unite as a race to protect their own abusers, even for the most heinous crimes, its not hard to imagine that this gets multiplied by many times at the higher echelons.

One day we will know these secrets, but only after a national revolution. Our main hope isn’t just our ultimate victory, but that these monsters and their Jew handlers will be granted enough life to face our music.


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