Academic Union Flexes Puny Bicep In Response to Mizzou Dismissal of Jewish Race Agitator

by Eric Striker

I previously delved into the case of the negro uprising at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The “Concerned Student 1950” movement had no clear goals or grievances, but its ringleader–the Jew professor Melissa Click– worked tirelessly to ensure a pinnacle of exacerbated racial tensions, which culminated in a number of brutal assaults against random white students and employees dorming on campus.

The climate of violent, racist terror produced by Click caused enrollment at Mizzou to plummet , and the administration at the school , which had allowed the non-sense to go on out of fear of organized Jewish retaliation, has for the past year or so been looking to do damage control. Click was fired.

But these Jews don’t go quietly. The St Louis Dispatch has reported that the powerful American Association of University Professors has put Mizzou on a blacklist over Click’s firing. Administrators at the University have replied to AAUP’s claim that Click was fired for her political beliefs by offering evidence that the person in question went beyond the First Amendment, by advocating and inciting violence.

Of course, while AAUP presents itself as the “conscience” of collegiate America, it is actually just a front for communist Jews to pressure and defame those who get in the way of their social agenda. Like the Students for a Democratic Society in the 1960’s, the organization hides behind grand Voltaire-esque clichés about “free speech” and “the right to conscience”, but these are just vague abstractions they use to consolidate support. Their intent is antithetical to any conceptualization of academic liberty.

According to AAUP’s “Bill of Rights”, freedom of discourse must be treated as sacrosanct. Yet, anyone in the university system in the past ten years or so can attest to the fact that America’s college campuses offer absolutely no free expression, and opinions that diverge from the Cultural Marxist consensus are quickly suppressed by finger-snapping, blue haired fat girls and MacBook Marxists, with the full support of their professors, and larger cliques like AAUP . The “Bill of Rights” in fact, addresses this double standard and need to censor opinions Jews fear, with great chutzpah:

[…]Diversity can easily become contradictory to academic ends.[…]

So, for example, no department of political theory ought to be obligated to establish “a plurality of methodologies and perspectives” by appointing a professor of Nazi political philosophy, if that philosophy is not deemed a reasonable scholarly option within the discipline of political theory.

AAUP’s seemingly contradictory stance might be baffling to genuine liberals who advocate unbridled free political speech on campus and beyond.  Why does someone have the right to call for violence against white students on campus, but not debate a different view of the Second World War? Is a market place of ideas not the very purpose of a University?

It was to the white Gentiles who founded higher learning. But of the four  AAUP “Role” coordinators, three are Jewish: Howard Bunsis, Jonathan Karpf, and Yeshiva University’s Ellen Shrecker. The lone exception is Adolph Reed, a negro Cultural Marxist political science lecturer from the University of Pennsylvania.

Now you know the secret conservatives who cover the campus Left won’t tell you: University officials allow anti-white racism and violence to go unhindered because their fear of the looming power of Jewish “censure” supersedes any concern for the safety of students.  Get in the way of one Jew hate-mongerer and you can expect the cavalry to show up soon after.


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