White Football Star Seduces Girl, Gives Her To Negro Teammates to Sodomize and Urinate On

by Eric Striker

When one imagines a cuckold, a picture of a middle manager type of baby boomer in a Hawaiian shirt, with a chin as weak as his arms, drinking something fruity with an umbrella coming out of it comes to mind.

The younger breed of cuckold is stereotyped as a hipster, a progressive embracer of the “polyamory” fad, and who perpetually defers to women. The polyamory in practice only applies to the female of course, since any man who agrees to such a lifestyle who isn’t Hugh Hefner or Charlie Sheen is unlikely to get much play. The fire of masculinity is innately and biologically coupled with intense jealousy and possessiveness over women, and this is the fire that evokes sexual lust over the opposite sex..

With that said, there’s a third  cuck archetype: the white men who either play or manage college sports. This one is unusual to some, since these people usually are what is considered an alpha male in the modern world: athletic, commanding presence , and worshipped as demi-gods by small town rubes across the country.  Anecdotally speaking, these players (the white ones are always more attractive to women than the black ones, contrary to Jewish mythology) often use their own sex appeal to funnel pussy  to the niggas, with morally bankrupt women eager to do anything for the “heroes”approval.

Football is the only realm in which machismo is allowed in modern day America, but because of the banality of spectator sports, it often takes on ridiculous and excessive characteristics.

In Tennessee, where Vanderbilt university is located, the schools often employ porno star looking white women to captivate the imagination of negro football prospects by channeling Muh Dik. While I don’t have any evidence, my guess is that the coaches then expect their players to procure what was promised in order to keep the banana on the stick in front of the new star running back Jamal’s eyes.


Recently, Brandon Vandenberg, a white football player, was convicted and given 15 years for his part in seducing and drinking with a coed who sought to sleep with him, and then allowing 3 negroes to have their way with her instead. Vandenberg did not participate in the sexual activity, which makes the punishment seem excessive and the rape conviction flimsy (expect it to be appealed), but because of the commotion created by Judeo-Leftist media over the recent Brock Turner case, it should be assumed that the Nashville court system sought to avoid getting targeted by the media, and thus had to punish the sole white involved equally to the negro rapists.

Shaun King, a self-hating white man who pretends to be an oppressed negro for money, put the Vanderbilt case into the spotlight by comparing the recent sentencing of Brock Turner (who was convicted of sexual battery, not rape) for fingering a drunk girl behind a garbage can (6 months in jail) in a case where the evidence and even the alleged victim’s testimony admits was weak, to Corey Bates, a negro caught red handed sodomizing a girl along with multiple other men (who got 15 years).

He, of course, blames racism .and “white privilege”, but chances are this attention  is what caused the judges in the Vandenberg case to throw the book at him. Not that it isn’t meritworthy, but it is a worrying legal precedent for white males everywhere, since it incentivizes prosecutors to scapegoat to avoid charges of racism or trial-by-Jewish-media.

Advertisement for Vanderbilt’s Football Team, talk about bad taste!

According to court documents, Vandenberg had seduced a woman at a local bar, and managed to get her to accompany him back to his dorm. Apparently, once he got back , he gave her to his 2 negro teammates, who proceeded in sodomizing, urinating on, and other repulsive acts, while he cheered them on. The woman herself does not remember any of this , because she had consumed too much alcohol, but ample video footage was taken of the spectacle. When all was said and done however, Vandenberg did not have any sexual contact with her.

In the end, three problems emerge with this case. The first one is that false rape accusations by irresponsible women who simply drink too much or regret an embarrassing act are rife, and put all men in danger. The second is that school’s recruiting predatory negroes from the ghetto to attend their colleges as football players should be held accountable as enabling genuine sexual assault.

And third, women need to know the consequences of their poor decisions regarding alcohol and sex, rather than deferred to as in the Brock Turner case. If a man is a rapist because you hooked up with him while you were drunk, then millions of men all over the world are rape victims when they take home what looks like your favorite Spice Girl after 8 shots, but turns out to be Shrek’s doppelganger the morning after.



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